There are a few things you should be aware of

 Go through this process with as many appropriate sites as you can find, bearing in mind the criteria of quality and non-competitiveness. If your site is business-related, you will want to be listed on Yahoo, and despite the fact that it will cost you around $300 a year, it will be money well spent. If your site is non-commercial, the listing will be free, but it will take time and follow-up to actually get it listed. Linking to sites of poor quality will only lessen your link popularity, if not completely destroy it. The first is that just linking up with a large number of other websites will not achieve link popularity. By linking to a related site that will be relevant to your website's traffic, you are increasing both of your site's business prospects - and both of your sites' link popularity.T.

  There are a few things you should be aware of. Linking up to a site that sells Goats Milk recipes would be helpful to your visitors, and the chances of this site wanting to link up to your site are also greater. The first thing to do is to add a link on your own links page to their site. You will not only associate yourself with culture and quality, but you will be listed in a national category. It's a good idea to mention that they will not only benefit from the increased traffic your website will direct their way, but you will also increase their link popularity. This is particularly true when pertaining to websites that are nothing more than "link farms" - pages containing line after line of indiscriminate links.

  So let's get to what you need to do to achieve high link popularity and improve your rankings on all the popular search engines.

  The first step, and the fastest way to get your foot in the door, is to get a listing in a popular directory, such as Open Directory Project and Yahoo.

  B.W - make sure you have a tidy, professional looking site or you will never persuade anyone to link up to you. Then give it another month, and if your site is still absent from their links page, it's time to remove their link from your own links page. You want to avoid your competitors and look for sites that are useful to your site's visitors. In fact, it may have quite the opposite effect.

 Open Directory is gives you a free listing whether you are business-related or non-commercial, but be prepared to make a lot of follow-up inquiries before you see your site listed. After you have added their link, you must contact the webmaster of their site. It will take some time and a good deal of thrust bearing suppliers work. Make sure you enter keywords that you think quality customers will also enter to find your site. Give it about a month, and if no link appears, try another charming email

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