Terri Haute, IN Emcee SS Is Ready To Put The master Plan In Motion With His New Album Release "Phase One"


   SS just dropped his new album "Phase One." A 10 song album with most the production done by producer Sith, and a track produced by SS himself. For starters...the strong rugged tone of voice delivered by SS catches your attention immediately. An artist who actually spits like he likes his own music is just something you don't get these days. His style is very well developed. Able to switch the style pattern he uses, SS is able to touch every angle of the instrumental. And he does just that. SS fills the "Phase One" project with some pretty dope bars. Reflecting on a life where few can be trusted, and a dream to get his music out fuels the fire of content through out the project. His album isn't filled with lies about cars he doesn't have, places he has never been and drugs he has never sold. Instead SS chooses to give you him. Him as himself. His talents, his flaws, his successes and failures are the ingredients SS uses to whip up a perfect batch of Hip Hop Music. Definitely a hot project.

Check Out SS- Phase One project today.

And keep up with his music and moves at


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