ScottyCham's Drops Music With A Message With His New Album Release "System Failure"

      Failure...isn't even an available word when speaking on the new album from underground recording artist ScottyChams. He beyond  delivers both entertainingly and lyrically with his full length, 14 track project titled "System Failure."  From one song to the next, the over all concept of this project hits home.

      Delivering raw uncut bars over boom bap flavored hip hop beats, each song holds its own diversely. When blended together it is like watching Transformers come together to make an unstoppable giant. The vocabulary and styles ScottyChams used on this quickly rising release shows he is extremely talented with words and his overall pedigree of emcee is seldom seen in the industry now, both mainstream and underground.

      ScottyChams eats through the instrumentals with real life influenced lines. And we don't mean the gangster gutter rap usually affiliated with that saying....we mean from both sides of the fence, the music touches on real topics of life in general. He delivers with a different perspective. Touching heavily on government corruption, having a mindset to succeed,  and his opinion of a lot going on in today's culture.  We reached out to ScottyChams for a more in depth feel on his choice of track listing and album title;

       "The system failing simply refers to the fact that we as humans tend to change and reform our systems of control. One example was switching from gold to inflatable currency and then to digital. This essentially calls for another reset, our system right now is more than just failing, but failed and all we are doing now is convincing ourselves and others that it hasn't."

      You might want to read that a few times just to give your brain the time to digest everything he said in such a short statement.  This artist has a positive view in a negative world and a talent to express that.  And we keep liking this guy more as we learn more about him.  He just wants to feed real listeners what they crave. And with that mind state ScottyChams released "System Failure," an all originally produced project, for free streaming.  And the response has been amazing. Touching over 50,000 listens in the first 72 hours...ScottyChams is showing...When the System Fails....HipHop will succeed. Check it out today.

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