Monsters' Den: Godfall Ativador Download [Xforce]

Monsters' Den: Godfall Ativador Download [Xforce]

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About This Game

The popular dungeon-crawling RPG series comes to Steam! Monsters' Den: Godfall is a new game, larger in scope and richer in content than ever before.

  • A turn-based role playing game focused on dungeon crawling and advancement.
  • Found and manage a Mercenary Company. Maintain a roster of heroes, upgrade your keep and adopt doctrines for universal bonuses.
  • Take direct control of a party of up to four adventurers to lead on missions.
  • Battle groups of enemies in turn-based tactical combat.
  • Procedurally generated dungeons, loot and missions.
  • Overland travel- visit new cities and dungeons, search ruins and find hidden places of interest.
  • Improved character advancement means increased freedom to personalize your team of heroes.
  • Hundreds of unique items that can be customized with enchantments.
  • More than 100 enemy types, each with unique skills requiring different tactical approaches.
  • Random dungeon modifiers add new wrinkles to each mission.
  • Story missions uncover the mysteries of the Godfall.


In the beginning, there were many gods. Until war came to heaven. One by one, the gods fell. Each Godfall brought with it a fierce meteor shower, as well as the sudden deaths of their worshippers. As the gods continued to fall and entire kingdoms were brought to ruin by the sympathetic deaths of the devout, many renounced their faith in the hope of being spared. Without divine protection, large numbers succumbed to possession and corruption as the demonic powers forced their entry into the world. Now, there is but one god. Her clerics exert dominance over the human remnants, ruling with an iron fist. Nomadic greenskin tribes pillage and burn their way across the land. Ambitious necromancers harvest the bones of fallen civilizations to amass undead armies of incredible size. The human heretics of the Cult of the Outward Path seek to break free from this world, risking it in the process. The dwarves of the Earthern Nations burrow ever deeper, trying to escape the madness of the surface world. Horrors wait there in the depths, ready to boil out and claim the old places. And all the while, sinister forces yet unseen lurk in the shadows and lay their plans. The fate of humanity hangs by a thread. Time to get to work.

Fifty years after the last Godfall, the winnowing of humanity has passed. The survivors and their descendants struggle to survive and rebuild in a world whose balance has dramatically shifted against them. 7ad7b8b382

Title: Monsters' Den: Godfall
Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG, Strategy
Release Date: 6 Jul, 2017


Unique and an excellent game!. Monster's Den: Godfall is a decent turn-based RPG with old school graphics. As you can see, I've sunk many hours into the campaign, and I would recommend the game to die hard, turn-based RPG lovers who don't care about graphics, and who also have a large gaming budget.

Why am I giving this game a negative review, then? Because my review isn't just for gamers that fit the ultra-specific niche described above. It's also for the general gaming public, who may have SOME interest in RPGs or turn-based games, and\/or who have a smaller gaming budget. Please bear with me while I explain:

Monster's Den: Chronicles is the precursor to Godfall, and is available entirely for free as a flash game (https:\/\/\/play\/13132\/monsters-den-chronicles<\/a>). In my opinion, it is a higher quality game overall, largely because it includes an endless dungeon feature. In addition, Chronicles is more of a proper "dungeon crawler" game compared to Godfall, whereas Godfall contains clunky features such as world map travel and faction reputation grinding. These game elements detract from the combat heavy, dungeon crawling experience, and the overall gameplay of Chronicles is much more polished.

It is April 2019. It has been almost 2 years since Godfall was released, and its "endless dungeon only" mode (known as Adventure mode) is still "coming soon". I cannot in good conscience recommend Godfall for $14.99 when there is a higher-quality game that is available totally for free -- unless you meet the niche gamer specifications that I described at the beginning of my review.

To the general gaming public, I strongly recommend Monster's Den: C...

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