Mirko Tackles An Ill Subject Many Ignore In His Latest Music Video "Mom." This Is A MUST SEE

     Depression. We here about it...we say people act out its characteristics...we in general...ignore it.  But it is a huge issue in the world. Many suffer from it. It affects their everyday living and the everyday living of those around them. It has been deemed so normal to feel "depressed", that many don't even realize they have depression, and try their best to function in a normal evreyday setting. Often questioning what is wrong with them,...often blaming them self for everything,...and in many tragic incidents, it has led to suicide. It doesn't see gender, race, religion or age. And often goes unnoticed. 

      It is really because of that it is such a touchy subject. Especially in the music industry. It is described and spoken of in just about any genre. many "classic" songs were made about depression of the artist and thoughts of ending it all. But few touch the actual struggles of depression. The cause of, or the battle of living with it. Enter Mirko....

      I will start off by saying everything about this musical presentation is simply AMAZING. A hot hiphop beat, and a thorough lyricist delivering bar after melodic bar of subject as well as substance. And why is this artist a perfect candidate to take the front line in recognizing this disease so many struggle with?  His mom.

     Mirko is the child of a Mother who suffers from depression. Mirko has seen first hands the battles from within, that some who have fought this beast, can almost compare to the religious tales of the war with right and wrong. Depression is more than a weight on a persons shoulders. It is an actual mountain. And for many...the only way they make it through, is the love and support of family.


     So the sincere reality is there when checking out his new video release "Mom."  Mirko speaks on the pain of watching her go through it all. And how he always was and always will be a son who loves his mother, as a system of complete support on her darkest days. While spinning his story to us, he reminds the rest of us to be the same for our loved ones. Because sometimes just saying you care, can be all the difference in this persons war today.

      The video itself is a piece cinematic excellence. Smooth steady shots, and vivid color grading only adds to the energy of hope Mirko was creating with this master piece. I'm of the things I enjoyed personally, was the continual statistics that popped up through the video. It was almost like a dope hip hop version of those late night infomercials you see. Either way, whatever it was, I was sold. 

Get a little bit of good quality sound and visual in your life and check out Mirko's New Music Video "Mom"

Download this song from the album "The Grey Album " available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, the Google Play Store, Tidal & all digital music and streaming services.

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