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Fables From The Den Download Setup Exe

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About This Software

Take a peek beyond the hedges and delve deeper into the woods. Might and Delight invites you to join the woodland creatures in their den as they share tales and fables on life, love and everything in between.

Welcome to Fables from the Den!

Fables from the Den continues the studios expansion into the living books segment and further expands on the visual style, music and motifs from the Shelter series. Fables from the Den reimagines iconic tales from the ages whilst introducing new ones – told from the perspective of your favourite Shelter animal.

Ready to learn life lessons?

Main features:
  • Includes remixes and re-workings of tracks from the Shelter series.
  • A mix of animals plucked from the Shelter series recounting Environmental elements such as trees and water will be brought to life.
  • Fables illustrated in a striking water color style.
  • Seamless animated page transitions add depth and personality to an already detailed experience.

Title: Fables from the Den
Genre: Design & Illustration
Might and Delight
Might and Delight
Release Date: 26 Oct, 2016


fables from the den

Very cool bunch of stories. You can learn a few things from them. And lovely art style.. Hello friends. Welcome to another one of my reviews. This time, i am reviewing this living book. So what is a living book? Basically, a interactive book you can click on and move around the pages. Since this game is basically a book, im not doing a pro and con list, but i will write a small review for a small game. First off, this is a good game for young children, maybe even 4 year old kids would like it since the concepts in it are very good for children. The fables themselves are messeges on each story.

I would rank this game as neutral, but since there is no neutral, ill mark it as recommended. I recommend it for young children and parents teaching their children to read in english too.. A small collection of tiny fables. This is honestly gonna be one of my favourite titles. It's short but sweet, and the stories are not only relateable, but a glimmer of hope and a reminder of the beauty of the soul. The artstyle is lively and colourful and the music as great as always, and everything is very easy to navigate. I absolutely loved this.. This review is NEUTRAL<\/b> which steam still doesn't allow! Grrrrr.

Fables from the Den is a digital children's book. Each story is a fable as the title suggests and so each short story teaches a moral lesson, using woodland creatures as characters. The dialogue is simple and effective. This would make a lovely print book, as the art work is superb. I read each of the stories out loud to my son (this should not take more than an hour even reading out loud slowly). He is too young to understand them yet but enjoys hearing my voice, and I liked reading them. We will be re-visiting this book later on when he can get the full meaning of the stories. They are definitely suitable from a young age, but I can't imagine they have much to offer people who don't have children in their lives unless you are a massive fan of the Shelter artwork and animals.

The downside is of course that these are on PC (or TV if you have yours set up that way), which is not an ideal way to read to children. I gave this a go, and enjoyed reading them out to my son - but quickly realized sitting with him in front of a PC for him to enjoy the pictures wasn't ideal. If this was a physical book, or even on tablet, it would make for a better bedtime story read. For this reason it gets a neutral<\/b> recommendation for me.

If you are looking for a story book on the PC or have your TV set up in the bedroom where your kid is going to be able to see the words and pictures then I do recommend it - it is well written, with beautiful illustrations<\/b>. If this was on tablet, I could see myself reading these stories to my child every night and showing him the cute images - but for practical reasons, I don't think I will get much use out of it. I couldn't justify giving this a negative rating - it is perfectly executed, but for me, steam just doesn't work as a platform for reading.. \u201cFables From the Den\u201d<\/b> is a twenty to a thirty-minute long collection of nine charming short tales,<\/i> about four pages each, each one teaching a life lesson and or mentioning interesting little \u201cfacts\u201d of how certain things are the way they are.

Some aspects of it I cherished are the beautiful water color doodles<\/i> every story is illustrated with as well as the fact the rest of the animals give their little comment<\/i> every time you finish reading the tale each one has to share, something I found delightful and definitely gave me an extra smile.

Although I would say my experience with the book is leaning to the positive,<\/b> something that is worth mentioning is that the book certainly lacks more of the interactive element,<\/i> since the only way you can interact with it is by picking each animal\u2019s story from the den scene, giving the impression of a simple stylized selection menu.<\/i> The stories also give the feel of sliders,<\/i> like pages of a simple book, not a \u201cliving book\u201d, without any touchable or moving elements.

Nevertheless, I believe \u201cFables From the Den\u201d is a sweet little living book experience. If you have some minutes you are looking to spare to cleanse your mind this is certainly<\/i> a nice pick for one of those times. The stories are short and memorable<\/b> so I would not say this is a book to give more than a read after you finished it but I might come back to it again whenever I will need something to remind me in a simple, delicate way certain life lessons worth having back in your mind.. A very adorable, inspiring collection of stories with a very fitting art style! Very cute, certainly a mood booster!. I loved it! so cute.. A 20 minute collection of low effort short story sliders wrapped inside a minimal parallax scene. The concept itself can do better as there is practically none of the expected interactivity, making the Den scene an overglorified selection menu. The static fables are possibly the greatest problem of the title - uninventive and bland. It pains me to be negative about what is otherwise a stylistically cute product, but the experience was forgettable for both me and my daughter.. This is an extremely short, yet extremely enjoyable and relaxing read.. Nice, well illustrated fables!

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