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This is EndCycle VS the strategic fighting game!

Fight foes in intense, fast-paced situations by combining reflexes, strategy and the right attacks!

  • Build your very own deck and create a unique playstyle, by combining attacks and styling them with your own effects making for... if our calculations are correct... more than infinite combinations!!!
  • Alter the battlefield and use it to your advantage!
  • Choose from several characters, or bring your very own sprite into the game!
  • With the included modding tools, you can create unique servers with their own rules. Giant battlefield, cannon attacks only? Sure! Tiny battlefield, 1-Hit K.O? Absolutely! Every player is a squirrel and the soundtrack consists of bagpipes? ....if you must.
  • Create GIFs with the provided GIF recorder, that lets you record events after they've happened.
  • With the Discord integration you can see who's currently in-game, looking for a fight, or even view current fight results on the go!

Title: EndCycle VS
Genre: Action, Indie, Early Access
Release Date: 1 Jan, 2019


endcycle vs

Mountains of ability cards. Tons of add-on parts. A whole slew of boards of different shapes and sizes. Even more content to be released. And top it all off with relatively easy-to-use modding tools, with full online mod support on the way...

...When they say the possibilities are endless, they mean it.

. Its as fun as it looks, although it takes a little bit to get the hang of it.

I hope they add some more single player aspects (mostly, being able to use the VOCs you can buy in the store instead of the presets).. I really like the game but the UI doesn't really feel friendly, it's pretty confusing tbh. I'm trying to customize my own movesets but my changes don't seem to do much. I went through the tutorial which was a nice way of explaining things. Though the solo-monsters are way hard. The lobbies seem to not have anyone around. It's definitely a good game with love put in. But the solo-play is lacking as far as rewards go. I wish steam had a neutral recommendation.. Mountains of ability cards. Tons of add-on parts. A whole slew of boards of different shapes and sizes. Even more content to be released. And top it all off with relatively easy-to-use modding tools, with full online mod support on the way...

...When they say the possibilities are endless, they mean it.

. Game is good.
Devs are super nice (especially that one)
Lots of strategies with the large selection of attacks available at the moment.
Lots of fun with friends.

I recommend this game because there's so much potential, it's not even fully done and I'm having a lot of fun.. If you like Megaman Battle Network, you'll like this game. With a high skill ceiling, and endless combos and strategies, there will always be something to fit how you want to play. Melee enemies, pepper them with bullets, heal them to death, cheese with icecube combo, the choice is yours.

March Toolbox Update!:
Hello lovely Cyclists!

With this new update we're introducing you to ONE NEW BACKGROUND!
...but more importantly we've updated the in-game modding tools now allowing you to modify EndCycle VS to a greater extent!

What is also new, is that you can stack up multiple mods at once, and integrate up to 1000 of your own characters into the game!!!

If you haven't gotten into modding yet here is what you can do in EndCycle VS:

  • Add new playable characters (sprite, stats & abilities) to the Roster
  • Create your own battlefields
  • Create enemies and define their AI however you want
  • You can of course create you own background as well
  • Add your music to fights
  • Change the sound effects of the game
  • Heck if you want to you can change any sprite so you can even remove our beautiful logo
  • Use every possible variable to create unique attacks
Here's some ideas of what you can do with these variables:
  • Change the attack range and trajectory!
  • Chain multiple individual attacks together to form a combo!!
  • Make the attack transform and interact with the battlefield!
  • Add custom sound effects!
  • Change its element, power and level!
  • And much much more!
And all of the modding can be done through the toolbox UI! No coding necessary!

On the content side of things, here are some extra things we included with this update:
  • "On Sale" tab in shop
  • Power/Crush display when looking at VOCs
  • New VOC icons
  • Overhauled shop UI

We'll be posting more posts and tutorials on how to mod the game very soon, so stay tuned!
Join our discord and chat with us / other fans![discord.gg]. April Update!:
Hey everyone hope you're having a wonderful spring so far!

We took the nice weather, as a chance to shut the windows, sit down in front of our PCs and create this new update!

Here's what you can expect:

+ Added in-game Mod manager
Now it's easier than ever to put anything you like into the game!

+ Added Mod browser to up- and download mods in-game
Do you want to share your mod with the community, without actually having to leave the game?
Now you can!

+ Game now automatically synchronizes mods with server
Join a server that has a mod running, and the game will automatically install that mod for ya, so you can enjoy and share all the wonderful possibilities of modding!

+ Reworked Tutorial and Tips menu
We gave this one an overhaul so new player can get the hang of the game more quickly, and veterans can see neat tips and tricks to enhance their playstyle!

+ Reworked entity HP/Crush gauge
It looks prettier now.

We hope you enjoy this update, which clearly has a modding focus.

To all the none-modders out there:
We're already working on the next update which brings new content to the base-game.
You can look forward to exciting gameplay-enhancements!



This month we are proud to finally unveil the identity of the cute fellow who has been all over out promo-material: It's Rozu the Noise-Hunter!

And a special guest visits our growing roster: Tri-Wing!!!

Characters now have unique abilities, to make battles even more diverse.

A bunch of new Voc's and Styles also have been added!
We can't wait to see how you'll use them.

Here's the complete changelog:

! Rozu joins the Voxers!
- Rozu gains extra speed while he has full HP.

! Tri-Wing joins the Roster!
-Just like in it's own game, Tri-Wing moves in 4 directions and refills its
gauge periodically

+ Character Skills:
Certain characters now have special abilities that switch up the way they

+ Set Lobby Game Mode to 1v1 or 2v2
+ Quick-Match option
Choose the Quick Match option to quickly connect to any open lobby

+ Lobby Passwords
+ Edit Game Mode Rules in lobbies
+ Players can be kicked / made host from player list
+ New Menu visuals
+ Filter VOCs by Role
+ New Character Selection screen
+ Lobby Chat from Inventory/Shop
+ Reworked In-Battle Chat
* Added “4-High” to Stage Selection
* Improved VOC Inventory Navigation
* Player Element is now shown in Local PvP mode
* IceCubes aren't destroyed when hit by weakness anymore
* Ice Panels duration increased
* Practice Battles are now started out with a full gauge
* Regen rate increased by decreasing duration

> Fixed:
* IceCube explosion push/pull

> VOCs:

New VOCs:

+ Lv2 Telepunch

(Normal) Materializes a giant fist, which can be activated on your chosen lane

+ Lv1 ElectroRay

(Elec) Charges up for a beat, and then starts shooting a lazer ahead which damages entities multiple times and stuns them. Depletes VSG bar and keeps damaging as long as the button is held

+ Lv1 Meteors

(Fire) Creates giant meteors falling unto the battlefield. The longer you activate this Voc the more meteors will fall.

+ Lv0 ChargeFlame

(Fire)Charges up while the button is held, when the button is released a Flame Shot is shot ahead of the player if the attack was fully charged, otherwise the charge resets

+ Lv2 HotMagic

(Fire) Creates a mantle of fire right onto the user which makes all projectiles in the panel in front disappear instantly and that causes slight damage

+ Lv1 LogLaunch

(Nature) Shoots a log ahead which rolls along the ground. If the shoot button is pressed more often, the VOC spawns more logs at the cost of one bar per log

+ Lv2 Plantrap

(Nature) Sprouts vines directly in front of the user, healing the user and damaging the enemy as often as the attack button is pressed, reducing the VSG bar slightly every time.

+ Lv1 Caffeine

(Normal) Pulls the user three panels ahead.

+ Lv2 WideSword

(Normal) Slices a 1x3 area in front of the user

+ Lv0 Push

(Normal) Pushes any object one panel in front with a big fist back by one panel, dealing slight damage

+ Lv3 ChronoRip

(Special) If hit within a short time span the time slows down for a short moment and the user moves behind one panel

+ Lv3 TrndWttr

(Water) Shoots a water bomb to the designated panel, which freezes hit panels in a plus

Removed VOCs
- Lv2 Cannon+
- Lv3 Cannon++
- Lv4 Grenade+

> Lv2 IceCube: HP--
> Lv5 Lightmass: HP--, Lv4 -> Lv5
> Lv2 StunWave: Stun--
> Lv2 Dualeaf: Power--, Crush--
> Lv2 Mosquito: Range++

> Styles:
New Styles:
+ Lv1 Up
Pushes target up
+ Lv1 Down
Pushes target down
+ Lv2 Copy
Gives target the element of the used VOC
+ Lv1 Rush-Up
Moves Player one field up before using the VOC
+ Lv1 Rush-Down
Moves Player one field down before using the VOC
+ Lv1 Rush-2
Moves Player 2 fields forward before using the VOC
+ Lv1 Rush-3
Moves Player 3 fields forward before using the VOC

> Heal-1 / Heal-2 / Heal-3: Heals user on hit
> Heal-2: 100 Heal -> 150 Heal
> Heal-3: 200 Heal -> 250 Heal

. Small update on what we are currently working on:
At the beginning of April you can expect a small- yet exciting update, which let's you finally upload your mods, and also search for new ones inside of EndCycle VS very own mod-browser.

You can also run your own custom server with any mod you like!
Players that join will automatically get the mods installed and enabled so you won't have to worry about mod compatibility!

Once we are finished with this update, we'll let you know about the bigger things to come. We can't wait to see what you'll do with the modding tools!

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