Daniel Mignault Rising Social Media Star

Buckle up and Lock and load, remember this name “Daniel Mignault”! He is now one of the hottest and quickest rising social media stars. Taking a different path instead of the usual vlogger life he is making his claim to fame from being a young, sexually appealing author, writer and songwriter! Also being known for his acting and youtube personality, Daniel is unlike any other internet star having a entertainment background built of a King. Make sure to jump on board and don't miss out on your chance to see him rise to the top before he reaches the peak! Join the movement and get lost in his funny videos, world class acting and captivating writing skills.


Follow Daniel Mignault on his SOCIAL PLATFORMS!


Twitter -  @DanielMignault1

Instagram - @OfficialDanielMignault

Facebook - @Danieltheauthor

SnapChat - Danieltheauthor

Musically - @DanielMignault

Youtube - Daniel Mignault

Website -  Danielmig.com


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