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Texas Recording Artist "Miquo" Enters The Game With The Debut Of His Freshman Project "Message In A Bottle EP"

   Just 18 months ago, this young entrepreneur in growth, Miquo, decided he was ready to pursue his inner wants of creating music. In just a year and a half, he…


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MC RYDERMIKE Drops A Truly Woke Single With "Trapped." Buckle Yourself In As You Unlearn All The BS You Are Taught In School

   Independent artist MC RyderMike has dropped one hell of a musical release with "Trapped". Both song and video are next level in their content. RyderMike approaches everything from the real shape of the world to hidden secrets and tactics used against us for decades as he addresses political corruption, scientific secrets and a one world…


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Scoobee Oh Boy Is On A Mission To Be Recognized With His New Video Release "Unforgettable"


Underground recording artist Scoobee Oh Boy brings a refreshing sound of uniqueness to hip hop again. An original and talented sound is what you get when you press play. And that "make your own lane" thing has really been working for Scoobee. He continues to release and introduce his fans to what many might not understand is real…


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Independent Recording Artist SilkDrizzle Drops A Hot New Video With "Bleed That Bitch"

   Underground performing artist SilkDrizzle releases a new video and single for his track "Bleed That Bitch." He teams up with director @TrvpyFilms to bring a street themed visual to his track. bar for bar SilkDrizzle brings hot metaphors and straight forward facts as he laces the instrumental. We enjoyed our introduction to this talented…


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JBando is Locked, Loaded and Ready with the Release of His New Single "12,000,000 Clips

   JBando drops his latest single "12,000,000 Clips" and it's quickly gaining notoriety. JBando is a versatile and talented artist. With "12,000,000 Clips" he flips…


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Super Producer "Poetics" Drops His Latest Catalog of Music "Speak No Evil" Featuring Some Heavy Underground Hitters

    Poetics has been doing his thing in the underground for quite some time now. He produces some energy filled instrumentals that get your head nodding from first listen. Poetics has just dropped his heavily anticipated compilation project titled "Speak No Evil," on the popular Spotify streaming app.…


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JBando Drops A Smooth Single With His Release Of "LookAtMyDiamonds"

     Indie recording artist JBando has been perfecting his craft for some time now. It has always been productive in its purpose. At this point, JBandos is starting to see…


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All Around The World Hip Hop Is Making Its Lane...And Deeze Has "ROAD RAGE"

      Deeze just dropped his new visual for "ROAD RAGE PT 2" And went NUTS!!!. For almost 3 minutes, Deeze drops hot bars with a wicked chopper style. His hunger is heard clearly and his talents are obvious.  Filmed by JDZ Media, we get a raw almost live performance. Its hard to turn away as Deeze flips his words in intricate format…


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Bringing A Positive Vibe Back To Hip Hop, Young Recording Artist Jshawn Mckoy Drops His Video For "Nike Down"

   Up and coming artist "Jshawn Mckoy" has just released his new video. And there is so much positive and inspirational things i want to point out, but we are going to keep it simple how we do, and let you see for yourself.

   Jshawn has to be between 11-13 at best. And where most youth his age pursuing a rap career are…


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What Makes a Great Online Producer? Rising Producer "RJ Full Range" Helps Elaborate

There are a lot of thing that go into being a good or great producer. It's not just about making beats. Now what do I mean when I say “online producer”? It means producers who have, what are called, beat sites. This is where artists go to listen and…


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Mike Dia Is Blazing Numbers On SoundCloud. Meet This Up and Coming Artist

   California native and Hip Hop poet Mike Dia has been gaining quite the buzz in the underground lately.  His intricate style and extensive vocabulary set him apart…


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Emcee John Point Releases His New Single "Vibes"

   Independent rhyme spitter John Point has just released his first single "Vibes" in anticipation of his up and coming project release(date and title TBA). Vibes…


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Singer Gabe Is Preparing To Feed His Buzz With The release of His "My Ex" Project.

  There isn't much known about the artist known as "Gabe" other than people are talking. They say his sound and music touches your soul with its sound waves and emotion. I've heard his live performance is something of the greats. And know from the streets to behind close doors of the…


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Cleveland Emcee RMG Drops A Hot New Visual For "What You Need"

     RMG is young and full of spirit. The energy he brings to his delivery will get you amped up. This Cleveland, OH native just released his new music video "What You Need" and he is ful-filling your hip hop wants. From lyrical content to base pounding energy, RMG delivers. His song "What You need" is a clean and crisp visual. Catering to…


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YoungBlaze Drops New Video "Never Chase"

   The artist who calls himself YoungBlaze attempts to blaze indie charts with his new single and video titled "Never Chase."  A crisp but simple video, YoungBlaze makes references to how he will never chase the females these other guys live life chasing. And he would rather chase money. Using a style very strongly similiar to Chicago's…


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Emcee "Frank" Invites You To His World With The Exclusive of His Project "Frank$ World"

  In HipHop, people often re-invent themselves. New style, new name and sometimes even a made up background. But not for recording artist known as "Frank."  His music and style is just as real a representation of who he is as his name.  Frank recently released his 12 song Lp titled "Frank$ World" and included a…


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Majestic Debuts Her Lovely Voice and Amazing Talent With the Single Release "Without You"

     An amazingly talented young lady known as Majestic has just made her entrance into the independent music industry. Her incredible skills shine extraordinarily…


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Que 2 Royal Addresses the "Snakes" So Many of Us Deal With In His New Single Release


   Hip Hop artist Que 2 Royal recently released his latest single titled "Snakes." Where he warns the listeners to keep their grass cut low because snakes slither…


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LilC843 Is Creating His Buzz And Dropping Some Note worthy Music In The Process

     LilC843 has been releasing tracks and building his respect in the underground HipHop circuits.  His Soundcloud page has many releases showing LilC843's…


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Ray Lewis III And Yung Shad Hit Hard With Their Collaboration Mixtape Release "Pick 1"


    Ray Lewis III & Yung Shad drop their mixtape collaboration with "Pick 1." The 7 song EP project is full of funky bass slamming instrumental accompanied by some nice lyrics. Track after track they turn up and show they are a force to be reckoned with. With songs to make you want to…


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