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Ac Lane & Bivo Lotti Drop Their Project "Tropekal" And It's **FIRE EMOJI'S** All The Way Across The Board


   Every aspect of Ac Lane & Bivo Lotti's project release 'Topekal" is just pure HipHop. Great bars, rhythmic style of delivery, originality and diversity all add to the dynamics of "Tropekal." These young artist fill the project with dope lyrical…


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JBando Releases A Motivational Workout Track "12,000,000 Clips" And Is Quickly Motivatiing The Views Close To 100K

    JBando has been building his brand at an alarmingly increased pace. The popular Soundcloud artist has taken his releases to youtube, and the listeners are picking up on him there quickly. His release of "12,000,000 Clips" on Youtube is quickly gaining notoriety.  Promoted as a workout motivated track, the uptempo bass hitting track…


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Underground Emcee "Kavin" Shows He Is An Up And Coming Force To be Reckoned With As He Drops A Freestyle Titled "Nada"

    Kavin is fresh to the game, but well primed to earn his deserved credit. He hits listeners with a dope freestyle titled "Nada." Kavin tears over the instrumental dropping hot bars ad metaphors off the top of the dome (real free-styling) and shows his lyrical skill and delivery is well above average. Check it out today and see why this…


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Fresh To The Frontline, Up And Comer Sgt. Slaugher's Music Gets A Salute And Honorable Mention

    Independent emcee Sgt Slaughter isn't new to the game. But he is just getting his platforms set up to distribute his sound. And from what we have heard already, we want to point him and his music out to real listeners.  Creating his own lane, his sound isn't the "everybody" sound of today. He spits clear well worded bars, ad his…


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AC Swagga Releases Hot new Single "45 & 30s On My Hip"

    AC Swagga, AKA the Swag Pimp, has been grinding hard n the underground. producing quality music and actually being lyrically talented has been a huge push for…


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Kindred901 Drops His New Project "Distance And Missed Calls"


     Hailing from Memphis, TN, hip hop recording artist Kindred901 is ready to stake his claim in the industry. And to properly introduce himself he has…


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JBando Drops His "LionsOnTheRamPageFreestyles" Project And Clears A Million Streams In 2 Weeks

     JBando has been working his a** off, and it is clearly paying off for this talented underground emcee. His latest project "LionsOnTheRampageFreestyles"…


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Chicago Artist "Gamo" Drops A ChiRaq Remix To "Gummo"

    Amidst homosexual allegations and child molestation charges, East Coast rapper Tekashi6ix9ine's single "Gummo" has been buzzing like a hive full of hungry bees. Apparently the next song to be remade over and over, Chicago emcee Gamo, is laying his stake on the track before rapper and producer drops a remix to it. Not bad on the…


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PE$O Drops New Single And Video For His Single "Bentley Coupe"

   Many of us dream of one day owning a Bentley. For recording artist "PE$O" the feeling is the same. He released his new single, properly titled "Bentley Coupe" where he expresses those wants and accomplishment of reaching a level of pushing a Bentley. Now honestly, we usually don't find much interest in underground artists making music…


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Tell These Half Dressed Ladies To Step To The Side, "Tay" Is Setting A New Bar For Female Emcees With Her Release "Bad Mamacita"

      Tay has been building her platform and buzz in the underground. Bringing raw bars and undeniable skill is just one of the ways she is showing she'll blow…


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Determination, Focus And Skill Are A Few of The Keys Behind Virginia Recording Artist "Lotto Bandz" Heavy buzz In The Underground Scene


    Lotto Bandz delivers with every track he releases. Quality as well as Hip hop quantity is there. Lotto brings well delivered bars placed over some hot picks of…


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REGIME's Artist "Humen" Releases His Single "Pump Fake"

    REGIME rroster emcee Humen is prepared to bring his music to the fore front with the release of his single "Pump Fake." Produced by Dre The Kid, "Pump Fake" has a gritty underground with a mainstream energy. Representing Midwest cities Chicago/Indianapolis,  Humen delivers with a tongue twist/ drill sound. Hard bass and dope lyrics…


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In A Society Heavily Divided By Hatred And Blame, Chicago Recording Artists Mizz Ya-yo And HooNoz Would Like To Point Out That "The Struggle" Is Color Blind

   About 10 days ago now, Dj Alpha-David jumped on the ones-n-twos on the popular Pigpen Radio App. Being a "guest" Dj, as well as respected entity, has built a…


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Rising Star 1800deadboi Has A Work Ethic And talent That Is Quickly Setting Him Apart In Hip Hop

   Something about the artist 1800deadboi speaks to people. He has lyrics that connect. His bars are funny. They are smart. They are often a little more complex than…


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SamtheBoi And Tedy Andreas Team Up To Drop The Single "290"

    Almost 60,000 views in just 2 days on the popular Soundcloud app/website. SamtheBoi and Tedy Andreas drop the hot new single titled "290." Lyrically fun and energetic,…


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WHYNOTus Is A Movement Of Young Talented Men Focused On Making A Difference For Themselves, Their Loved Ones And HipHop

   WHYNOTus is a collective full of young innovators. The idea behind whynotus is simply encouraging people to do anything that they feel and to inspire others to put…


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Mirko Drops A Hot Single And Video For The Fellows Who Want To Take A Moment And Pay Homage To That Number 1 Woman In Their Life. Check out "Forever Love"

   A little hip hop, a little R&B, a whole lot of talent. Those are the basic ingredients to talented recording artist "Mirko's" new single and video "Forever Love."  Choruses with melodic tone and verses with gentle and passionate delivery fills the instrumental. A laid back composition, it keeps your head nodding while your mind…


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AaedaRyda Dropped Something Hot To Ride To With His Single "Its The Ryda" And it is Quickly Trending

    Independent emcee AaedeRyda brings a realistic street feel to his music. His tone and topics quickly set him apart from the studio gangsters. You can hear the…


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Texas Recording Artist "Miquo" Enters The Game With The Debut Of His Freshman Project "Message In A Bottle EP"

   Just 18 months ago, this young entrepreneur in growth, Miquo, decided he was ready to pursue his inner wants of creating music. In just a year and a half, he…


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MC RYDERMIKE Drops A Truly Woke Single With "Trapped." Buckle Yourself In As You Unlearn All The BS You Are Taught In School

   Independent artist MC RyderMike has dropped one hell of a musical release with "Trapped". Both song and video are next level in their content. RyderMike approaches everything from the real shape of the world to hidden secrets and tactics used against us for decades as he addresses political corruption, scientific secrets and a one world…


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