ChozenOfficial Drops new Video "Name And Face" And It Is HEEEEAAAAATTTT

   Let me start off by saying,...as an American...I absolutely LOVE the over seas Hip Hop scene. They still embrace so much of what Hip Hop was originally built on. Substance filled bars delivered with immaculate style and precision lay over boom bap beats. Real Hip…


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Terri Haute, IN Emcee SS Is Ready To Put The master Plan In Motion With His New Album Release "Phase One"


   SS just dropped his new album "Phase One." A 10 song album with most the production done by producer Sith, and a track produced by SS himself. For starters...the strong rugged…


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MANO$ Takes Us To The Heart of The Trap For His New Video Release "Rest At"

   MANO$ returns with a new single and rough, raw and uncut music video for the track "Rest At."  Filmed so deep in the trap you can feel the hunger for more. MANO$ goes in on this CA$OK produced dark and mysterious track. The beat itself holds so much weight you can feel the pain and struggle of survival with each hit of the bass drum.…


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noL Jones Release Hot New Single And Video For His Song "Love it or Hate it"

    We happened across this young artists music video. Looking deeper we found he is distributing it properly. As well he should. Quickly gaining a buzz for himself independently, underground artist noL Jones really does feel, you can Love it or Hate....he is going to do what he was born to do. Shine as a…


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GoldenGrin Entertainment Recording Artist Banks, Drops His Debut Mixtape Ep "Respect The Jux"

     Brooklyn lyricist "Banks" has just released his debut project "Respect The Jux." A six song Ep of Freestyles over popular industry instrumentals.  And if this is his freestyle, I'd hate to see what he does with time dedicated to the bars. A fresh project full of hunger, energy, and dope…


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Check Out "UNIK GOD"...A Dedicated Artist Making Music With A Little Something For Everyone

    A musical messiah has risen out of the West Coast. California native "UNIK GOD" is on a mission to give the culture of hip hop some feel good music. As we went through his ever growing Soundcloud page, we were impressed. The sound quality was A-1. Very professionally put together. The tracks went on and…


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3 Dice Ceno Delivers Again And Again. Check Out This Fresh Artist Who Is Bringing Talent Back To Hip Hop


 Washington D.C. born and Miami raised is nothing more than information when its comes to recording artist 3 Dice Ceno.  Most rappers today have an adverse style. Nothing new and the same material recycled over and over. But not 3 Dice Ceno.



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S-Shata and French Montana Are Rolling With the "Top Back & Faded" In This New Single Release Remix


  S-Shata has been building his foundation in an impressive way for quite sometime. Having a loyal following is fuel for him to continue to release high quality music. Bars based on real life lessons and tribulations and not just studio gangster side notes from popular Urban Films.  And that has quickly…


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New Album from Illinois Boys "Greezy Gang" is Setting a Bar that Will be hard to Reach in Today's Hip-Hop Scene

     Drill Music.....It's like the trouble making, cousin of Hip-Hop who likes to act out. He lives down the street from gangster rap, but gangster rap doesn't really respect him...only acknowledges they are both from the same neighborhood.  But....it is also the sound associated with Chicago…


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Get Your Priorities Straight. Versatile G Drops His New Visual And Shows He Is Focused On A Prominent Career


    Up and coming recording artist Versatile G just dropped his new visual "Priorities" and his are very clear.  A motivational song accompanies this crisp video as Versatile G spits about his grind and come up. Filmed at night, Versatile G shines and shows his is a rising light. Added in are clips from Versatile G's live performances and crowd…


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305 Fatz Is Back And Brings Us To The trap For His Latest Video Release

       Underground artist 305 Fatz has been putting on hard for his career and his city. His latest single and video "Two Fo In The Trap" is a hard hitting track with a realistic visual presentation. Clearly filmed in the trap, 305 Fatz brings a crystal clean look into the life many in America chasing a dollar and a dream face daily.…


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Jay-D Comes In Like Hip Hop Royalty With His New Video/Single Release "High As A King"

     Underground emcee Jay-D has built quite a name for himself. The independent U.K, rapper has been strongly consistent in his releases. Not leaving much time in between singles, projects and videos for a listener to forget him. Jay-D brings hard bars and a slick…


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Hennessy Jones Teams With the AMG Kamp for His new Single "FWM"

    Hennessy Jones has a work ethic seldom matched. Constantly releasing new material has gained this underground recording artist and producer notoriety as well as holding down one of the top 70 positions out of 3.8 million artists on the popular reverbnation.

     For his latest single "FWM"…


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Emcee Scartobe Galantae Flames Releases New Single "BallHog" Off the Local Kingpin Ep

    Scartobe Galantae Flames wants it all. Can you be mad at this emcee? We only get one life, and we want all we can get. With the single "BallHog", Scartobe Galantae lyrical fuses his 2 biggest passions in life, hip hop music and the game of basketball.  He spits bar after bar of…


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ScottyCham's Drops Music With A Message With His New Album Release "System Failure"

      Failure...isn't even an available word when speaking on the new album from underground recording artist ScottyChams. He beyond  delivers both entertainingly and lyrically with his full length, 14 track project titled "System Failure."  From one song to the next, the over all concept of…


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WHOOOOOAAA!!! Brooklyn Native POP Buchanan Lyrically Takes HipHop From 0-60 With His New Project Release

       Emcee or better yet, Straight Lyricist POP Buchanan has dropped some next level music with his new 8 song mixtape project titled "0-60." From the first track you know you are getting a breath of fresh educated lyrical air.  Pop goes in track after track with a remarkable vocabulary and wordplay.…


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Emcee Troy Chambers Is ALWAYS Ready To Do What He Does Best. Check Out The Rare Of Troy Spitting A Raw Freestyle Behind The Scenes At A Commercial Filming.


  Raw behind the scenes footage of Troy Chambers going in. As the camera crew was preparing and setting up to film their commercial, behind the scenes some one called Troy out to freestyle. Raw, off the top, Troy slays a live acapella flow as veryone looks on in amazement. Well timed bars and metaphors flow off troys tongue showing he was made…


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bbp2k Wants to Take You On A Ride Through Dreams Of A Better Day With The Single "New Car"

    Rap/Pop recording artist bbp2k captures the joys of wishful thinking with his new single titled "New Car."  The Omen produced track holds a peaceful and serene vibe itself. Once bbp2k lays his melodic vocals over it, its a wrap. A classic song based on motivation.



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J Huncho Releases New Project And Sets A Blaze Taking The Future of HipHop "Up In Smoke"

    Emcee J Huncho is bringing a frsh and origin feel to hiphop again. His 10 song project release titled "Up In Smoke" has recently dropped on Soundcloud and is doing numbers. And every play it gets is more than deserved.

    Track after track J Huncho tears through twisting his style…


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It's A New "Black Wave" And They Want The Cash Money. Check Them Out

    Black Wave has recently released their new single "Cash Money," and the wave has started. In the first week this CashMoneyAP produced track has passed half a million plays on Soundcloud and counting.…


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