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IAMJDUBB Drops His New Single "I Want Some Money"

IAMJDUBB figures why lie...keep it real...and he does just that on his new single "I Want Some Money." Spitting about the hustle, hardship and the come up, IAMJDUBB…


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Freewxrld Drops The New Single "Wide Open"

Freewxrld hits with the new single "Wide Open." The Atdenn produced single is something fresh. Freewxrld actually raps like they like their own lyrics. And the bars…


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King Troopa Drops His New Video/Single "Love, Life, Loyalty"

Off top, King Troopa should not be categorized with much of today's rap scene. He is not only talented, but saying something real. With a Hip Hop vibe, King Troopa spits flows about building his future both educationally and financially. His music isn't all about killing other black men, or stunting the hardest...it is filled with actual…


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SLeeH Drops The New Single "Sit Up" Featuring Splash Robby

SLeeH comes in and turns all the way on his new single "Sit Up." A hot instrumental and a lit delivery make this one for those fun summer nights. Splash Robby even…


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Iamzaccp Is Ready To 'Slide" Into The Money With His New Single Release

Gliding right into the iindustry, indie artist Iamzaccp has just dropped his new single. And he definitely conjured up a hit. 'Slide," is a lit single. Producer by…


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Fly j Drops His New Single "My Hoe Now"

And it's just that siple. Fly j puts it plain and simple, "that's my hoe". And spits with an elegant style of flow over a lit little boom bap track. He's gonna have them singing to their haters "that's my hoooe now'.....Check it out today.

Keep up with Fly j @…


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The Emcee Known As Pretty G Makes His Introduction And Has The Numbers Soaring High On His New Single "Pretty Fly"

Underground emcee "Pretty G" is making his intro to the hip hop industry. His debut single "Pretty Fly" shows his skill and energy to entertain. The single is full…


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Spvce Records Drops New 3 Track Project And Shows Their Versatility And Originality

Spvce Records has just dropped 3 new singles. Bundled as a "set" on Soundcloud, these 3 songs show more technique, objective and significance than most of raps…


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LionsDen 360 Releases New Single "Addicted" From Jordy Sam & Young Lew

"Addicted," the new single from Jordy Sam and Young Lew is a pop fused r&B track that hits just in time for summer. When the weather brings flings, these two dope artists bring the soundtrack. A single based on the feeling of needing someone. Wanting them so bad and having their presence compare to a drug high. "Addicted" is the first…


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Crazy Boy Thugger Drops His New Mixtape "Midnight On A Saturday"

During my usual stroll for new music, I came across Crazy Bot Thugger's new project "Midnight On A Saturday."  A well created 15 song mix tape, that gives us an in depth look to Crazy Boy Thugger, both as an artist, and a person. CTB gives listeners the perfect sound track to a Saturday nght. From music for the streets, to music to just parlay, all…


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It's All About Paper Chasing And Partying With Agent 3600's New Single "State To State"

Agent 3600 drops a summertime anthem just in time for the heat. "State To State" is a pure feel good single. Music dedicated to getting money and living life to the…


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Underground Producer "Rel" Just Dropped His New Instrumental "It's So Easy"

Rel brings the rough and raw nature with his new production "It's So Easy." Hard hitting and rugged is the best way to describe the sound. Something different as…


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Spvce Records Recording Artist YG Legendary Drops His New "$"

Hip Hop is making a come back this year. And YG Legendary is ready to make his mark on the game. The Spvce Records representative has just dropped his latest single…


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Supathowd Drops The Cannabis Fueled Single "R.I.P. Bob Marley"

Fire up and kick back to the new single "R.I.P. Bob Marley" from Supathowd off his Get High With Me Vol 2 project. A single with a euphoric instrumental and dedicated to many of our favorite past times, smoking weed. Couldn't had named it a better title in my opinion. Check it out today.

Keep Up With Supathowd @…


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Upcoming Emcee Frvnk Freeman Releases New Video For Liquor & "Anxiety"

Frvnk Freeman hits with his new video release for "Liquor & Anxiety."  A crisp visual and a song full of hip hop funk essence. Frvnk Freeman has a slick little style of delivery that quickly sets him apart from the other artists in today's music scene. The video itself holds a Snoop And Dre type of vibe. Something real and natural that…


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Scoobee Oh Boy Is Back To The Beginning With The Release Of His Video "Started With A Benj"

First you get the money, then you get the power, then you get...well, yu already know the rest. And that's just the point Scoobee oh Boy is making with his new single/video, where he takes it back to the starting line of the hustle, and how the game changed when he rode into it in a new Benji. "Started With A benji" is produced by Go…


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Boobie Blood Drops Video For Paid In Full

Boobie Blood drops a corner store hustle style visual for his new single "Paid In Full." A griity visual with some nice effects and Boobie, using the "everybody" style of rapping, actually went in and had some hard lines. It's worth checking it out.

Keep Up With Boobie Blood @…


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Upcoming Hip Hop Emcee Xzayvier Drops The New Single "Save Me"

Xzyvier has dropped his new single "Save Me" on all popular streaming and digital distribution websites. The TreyDaGr8 produced single holds true to hiphops essence. Tight bars and lyrical content fill this track and quickly separates Xzayvier from the hoards of people who this days all sound like…


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Benny Cosmic And Cruzer Drop The Highly Anticipated "Rocket Power" Project And Take HipHop To The Next Level

Benny Cosmic and Cruzer use their different wave of sound to take hip hop to the next Galaxy. With that said "Rocket Power" was the perfect title for this take…


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HipHop Emcee King Juno Drops his New Single "Had To"

King Juno is known for making high energy music, but still staying true to his roots. The root of his struggle, and the root of Hip Hop's essence. And those are qualities legends are made of. His latest single, the Drew Taylor produced "Had To" holds true to both. The fans are loving it and…


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