Spring Hall Health Keto It is common in protein diets to have almost total carbohydrate restriction phases. Many people end up not having results in their carbohydrate-free diets because they are actually eating hidden carbohydrate foods. That is, one thinks that food is only a source of protein and fat but in fact it contains a significant amount of carbohydrate that can disrupt the diet. Let's explore this carbohydrate issue a little further and then warn about some of these foods: Carbohydrate: Good or Bad? What is the difference between a sandwich made with white flour and a sandwich made with whole grain bread? Both are carbohydrates, right? We can say that they are both good and bad, but the second option is included in the list of foods that contain good carbohydrates, which are wholegrain and vegetables. What happens is that it is easy to separate them - the good from the bad. We can enjoy the benefits that good carbohydrates bring to our health by choosing carbohydrate foods that contain fiber. At the same time, we can minimize the risks that bad carbohydrates pose to health by avoiding eating refined and processed carbohydrates such as white rice and white flour. In fact, for most nutritionists carbohydrates are needed, but in smaller quantities than normally consumed. Too much carbohydrate is the problem that poses risks to our health and causes overweight and overweight. For people on a protein diet, carbohydrate restriction is too great. In this case, attention to food must be increased. In both cases, it is important that we be careful about the foods we add to our diet - and this brings us to a curious fact: there are hidden carbohydrate foods. Yes, we think it does not contain, but the carbs are there, well hidden. 10 Hidden Carbohydrate Foods - Salad Dressings Most people who choose to eat a diet, whether full or only partially carbohydrate, choose to eat more salads on a daily basis. Adding vegetables to food is a great thing for any diet and in general vegetables are very low in carbohydrates and these are allowed in most protein diets. The problem is in some salad dressings. The French sauce for example can have almost 5g of carbs per tablespoon!



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