Judah Priest "Lonely" ft Cappadonna & Killah Priest Produced By: Steven King

Song: Lonely By: Judah Priest Featuring: Killah Priest & Cappadonna Produced By: Steven King Video By: Ken Khaoss Aka Dj Ghetto For DJ Ghetto Vision Song App...

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Comment by Steven King on September 14, 2018 at 11:10am


In my world, growing up with instruments all over our home was common-place. We always had instant entertainment. Nothing sounds better than four old acoustic guitars playing in an acoustic-friendly living room. Before I was born, my father and all my uncles have played in various bands. They would play in local bars and taverns, mostly in the Southeastern Indiana area. 

I knew I was going to pick up on music someday, but I did not realize I was about to make a musical transition. When I was seven years old I was watching MTV, as did millions of kids my age at the time, and I saw a video that would soon change my life forever. Run-DMC had a rap video called “Rock Box” and this young white kid was trying very hard to get in to see the Run-DMC show, and he was not let in. By the end of the video, he gets spotted by one of the group’s members and he gets to be backstage with them. I said to myself, “That’s me.” Since the summer of 1983 I have devoted my life to hip-hop. I knew that there was something monstrous about the whole hip hop movement, and that was thirty years ago. I have constantly dealt with diversity issues, considering I was a white kid trying to adapt to the black culture of hip-hop. It took my family a little time to adjust to the fact that I was into rap music, and that I was changing with the times. There were no racist intentions to cause my family to react this way. I think it was the break away from tradition that shocked most of them.

My talent has been improving over the years and it shows. I have been in many choir competitions, seasonal school programs, and talent showcases. I have written my own lyrics and have produced my own music since the age of thirteen, which has never changed at all. I have also created albums and mix-tapes independently in the past twenty years. In 2010, I reached out to a mutual friend from Indianapolis who had access to some artists from Wu-Tang Clan. So on June 10th, I went to Indianapolis to record a feature with Killah Priest. That was life changing for me, but yet a whole different story to tell. In December of 2013, I brought a couple people from Protect Ya Neck Records and Wu-Tang Management, to Indiana. Two great men by the names of Rah Dolla and Jimmy Kang. I introduced them to another world over here in my small section of the Midwest. I showed them that I had the drive and the ability to make for a positive change in the ever-changing world of hip-hop. I have also worked with Main Flow from the Cincinnati hip-hop group MOOD, C-Rayz Walz, and Cappadonna from Wu-Tang Clan. I am working on several up and coming projects, including a couple of my own to be announced real soon. I have produced a mixtape with a PYN colleague by the name of Menace O.B.E.Z. titled, “LET US BE FREE”, on www.pyndigital.com, and you can find more of my work on Datpiff.com.

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