Wreck the Rebel Revives Hip Hop in the New "Marbles" Music Video

    West Coast Emcee, Wreck the Rebel has been making a name for himself lately. From interviews to music releases, he has been staying consistent in putting his unique style out here for listeners to hear. His latest single, "Marbles", is a visual release, and different really isn't a strong enough word to describe it. Wreck goes in with a slick delivery that catches the pocket of this strong track produced by Musikal. His words bounce and fall on time and perfectly into place with a delivery of lyrics and style that are catered to his character and vibe. According to Wreck, even the title itself is a metaphor with a deeper look into the motivation behind this song and video. "It's like...when people start acting in a strange way...we say they've lost their marbles.." He continues to explain his foundation for the song was his ups and downs in life while becoming the artist and person he is today. A journey he referred to as "getting his marbles back." The video itself, was very strange. And it matched the vibe that was created when Wreck added his vocals to Musikal"s track. Everything with this release was different, twisted and just the right chemistry needed to create a classic. With just enough of bizarre sprinkled over it that it will get an instant replay to catch the lines and scenes you might have missed. Press play and see for your self that this young underground artist is already in a "class of his own." The video even explains that. With his creativity and originality, this Rebel is coming to Wreck today"s hip hop scene. To keep up to date with Wreck the Rebel, search him on all your social media sites at Wrecktherebel.

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