I am SoSik, an Artist based out of Seattle Washington. I believe in the illuminati and tend to believe that a higher power is helping me throughout my journey in this thing we call life. I am pursuing to be a hybrid artist, fusing the sounds of old rap styles such as Notorious B.I.G and Tupac with the "wavy" style of new artists like Future and Kanye. All of the messages that I convey in my music are related to gaining confidence and having no fear to strive for big goals. I believe that music can have a heavy influence on a persons life, and I want the people who listen to my music to be inspired to follow their dreams with positive motivation, no matter how big or crazy they may seem. I have been fighting depression my entire life and music has become my number one outlet, after trying to commit suicide, I turned towards the music. It has saved me. It started with me just listening to music, but then I began writing lyrics. I found myself wanting to create my own sound, so I began taking music classes at the University of Oregon and now I know how to produce all of my own songs and beats. I hope one day to be able to play live concerts for my fans all over the world. I want my shows to become a place where people come to dance, let go, and be happy.


twitter @SoSik_11
(Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/dr_sosik)

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