While Ubisoft says the game is a fresh take on the original

There is a new item called the Tek Trough which is powered by the Tek Generator. Players will find this useful as it refrigerates food and keeps it fresh longer. This is important for the prolonged survival on the island.There are several new host options which include the disabling of ARK Items respawn animation and the allowing of unlimited "respecs" or chances to rebuild the character's ability set.

Ubisoft has commenced pre-registrations for “Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians,” a free-to-play mobile role-playing game based on the long-running game series. The new game is said to offer “fast-paced strategic battles” with “Western anime style” graphics.As players progress through the game, they can collect hundreds of creatures, evolving them and building the ideal team of elemental warriors for combat. A single-player campaign will help with assembling the team, along with a competitive PvP mode allowing players to take each other on in online battles.

While Ubisoft says the game is a “fresh take” on the original, it will still feature some of the characters previously featured in the franchise. Set in the world of Ashan, it will take players to new areas unexplored in previous games, which will apparently provide some familiarity to existing fans of the series, while still making sure new players will be able to take part without needing to know about the lore from earlier releases.

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