While it was surprising that Epic Games removed this item

Sean Hamilton of Epic Games responded to www.lolga.com the question about the decision to vault Bounce Pads. Firstly, the community coordinator made it clear that any vaulted item could come back to the game. “We removed Bouncers due to the influx of recent mobility items as well as more that we have planned for the future,” is what he also added.

While it was surprising that Epic Games removed this item, the reason behind this decision makes a lot of sense. Even without Bounce Pads, players can still use other mobility items such as rifts and Launch Pads. Additionally, Shockwave Grenades allow players to move quickly around the map and leave structures without taking any fall damage.

Fortnite's Season 6 has arrived, and battle royale fans are surely checking out all of the new stuff Epic Games has been cooking up. Among new additions like pets, the developers have also been keeping the Fortnite Item Shop up-to-date with new skins and emotes, and today's update includes the Smooth Moves and Job Well Done emotes.

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