The Song was Written for the Times and as a Solution to the problems of the times.

Khalid Cosgrove, aka Urban Inventor, was born and raised in NYC. A thriving Entrepreneur starting at 10 years old reselling candy, and running a landscaping business, he then went on to attend an acclaimed vocational school, in his late teens, he has an extensive background in Security of all aspects, From high clearance Military bases, to Corporate Security, along with a serious Talent and Gift, with Inventing, on demand product creation, development, and implementation.

He and his team have worked tirelessly developing 3 amazing Technologies, 3 real solutions. School Shootings, Unarmed Police Shootings, and Gun violence in general. All of Urban Inventor's technologies are aimed at making the world better and our everyday lives better. Beyond technology to end gun violence, he has also developed consumer, solar, and digital products. Stayed tuned for part 2 where we get an Exclusive Sneak Peek at the Technology Urban Inventor is due to release...

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