UNDER The SAND - A Road Trip Game Free Download [Xforce]

UNDER The SAND - A Road Trip Game Free Download [Xforce]

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About This Game

1980's. Alternative reality. Global warming has turned the whole world into a endless desert. Due to the aggressive climate, the blessings of civilization gradually go under the sand. Set out on a long journey on your old pickup truck to fulfill the last request of your late father. But is there a place left on this planet where it’s possible to do this?

- A large world with many roads to drive along. Who knows where the next turn will lead you.
- Assemble, repair, refuel and tune your car; your journey might end too quickly on a bone shaker.
- Explore abandoned places that can be found along the road.
- Stylized low poly graphics
- Advanced vehicle physics
- Music cassettes!
- It's road trip game, eventually!


Title: UNDER the SAND - a road trip game
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Racing, Simulation, Early Access
Release Date: 17 May, 2019


Needs some progression in the game, different scenery. Bit repetative and would reccomend some different building and possibly a story line, or different game modes. At first i thought it would be a fun game but there is nothing to do apart from finding a few parts here and there.i drove a very long road but every time you run out of gas.The game runs smooth though.No bugs only i had some problems with the resolution setting,when i first played the game i had 2560x1440 initial resolution but it vanished somehow and cant choose it anymore.so i was forced to play on a lower resolution.If any one is interested here is my youtube video : https:\/\/youtu.be\/Ht14rpfxOPA<\/a>. This game actually got tons of potential. It's easy to imagine how many new stuff can be added and it's pretty interesting what path will the developer choose. As I can see the game is updated pretty often, so I think it's a good reason for coming back every week.

The thing I liked the most is the atmosphere. With pretty low-poly graphics Under The Sand brings as to the cozy desert, full of sand and mountains. When I discovered how to turn the radio this game becomes even more atmospheric - the soundtrack is pretty good and done in some country-ambient style. But as I understood, the global warming turned the planet into the desert. So who does run the radio in that case?:) I hope we'll meet these guys ha-ha

Anyway, Under the Road is a good experience if you want to chill out after a hard working day.. Took me about 2 hours but I got a game where my gas tank was full and I drove to the end of the road which was a coming soon sign. Pretty much tells you where this game is in the development stages, its just beginning. I enjoyed myself while playing it, it has a good premise, you're in the 1980s (But that idea is conceptual, you need to imagine it, the cassette tape is only in the game I think to get people to buy the game at this point) and everything is desert so you go on a road trip. That premise, or idea, would make a really good game provided that the developers develop this game some more. It has a solid base to work from it just needs more things to see in the 3D realm, a continuation of the road for one, and maybe some textured surfaces here or there, not too much though and give me something to read in the newspaper, even Sim City 2000 on Windows 95 had a readable newspaper and not just a headline. The lighting is a bit messed up, I would expect the desert with a blinding sun to be brighter on my monitor. Wouldn't also hurt to put text on the radio knobs and make the radio fully functional and accept the cassette tape.. It's a Jalopy-alike alright. Still quite rough around the edges, and short on content. I reached the gate which bars further exploration and I think I've seen all there is to see in under 1 hour of gameplay. Still, it's cheap as heck, so for fans of Jalopy I'd say it's still worth it just to check it out and follow along with the development.. Take Jalopy and throw in a good heaping of Mad Max and you get Under The Sand. The game is still light on content at the moment, it only takes an hour or so to reach the end of the road. However, this game has received near-daily updates since it's early-access debut, which is my biggest reason for recommending this game. With more content, polish and possibly a little something to set it apart from Jalopy, Under The Sand could easily become one of the biggest indie hits of 2019.

Keep an eye on this one.. I'll start out by saying this game is ver...

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