Tips on How to Find Fortnite All Season 6 Hidden Battle Stars and Banners

Season 6 of Fortnite incorporates hidden battle stars which like previous seasons, players can uncover soon after unlocking the loading screen clue attached to it, that will enable them to level up their battle pass even more rapidly, in turn allows players to unlock new skins, emotes, along with other fortnite save the world items. Past seasons of Fortnite have also incorporated hidden banners to discover, and Season six is no different in that regard either. 

However, as opposed to past seasons, Epic has decided to alternate in Season 6 in order that one particular week includes a battle star and the next includes a banner. This adds just a little wide variety for the proceedings, although most players are probably additional interested in the hidden battle stars than the banners. Here are each of the hidden battle stars and banners that Fortnite players can come across in Season 6:

Week 1 – Battle Star

Immediately after finishing all the Week 1 challenge for Season 6, Fortnite players need to land in the farm east of Paradise Palms. Verify the tractor here to seek out the hidden battle star.

Week 2 – Banner

Fortnite players don't travel far from the Week 1 hidden battle star place to find Week 2's hidden banner. In the northwest section of Paradise Palms, just outside of the city, players can come across a carriage inside the desert together with the banner on it.

Week 3 – Battle Star

Week 3 takes Fortnite players out of the desert. Upon finishing 3 weeks of challenges, travel to the house positioned in the eastern clearing of Wailing Woods. Check the chimney around the residence to find the battle star.

Week 4 – Banner

When players handle to complete four weeks worth of challenges, they are able to collect one more hidden banner. This one is positioned to the northwest of Junk Junction, and can be identified on the back from the giant steel llama structure positioned there.

These are all of the hidden battle stars and banners which have been added to Fortnite's Season 6 so far, but a lot more might be added each and every week. We are going to update this article as Season 6 continues to help Fortnite players find all of the hidden battle stars and banners.

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