This new mechanic can be initiated from the ground or wall

The new ground reset move seems to use the "ceiling fall" mechanic to preserve a jump indefinitely without having to touch the ceiling. This new mechanic can be initiated from the ground or wall and will preserve a flip as if the player had fallen from the ceiling. By jumping and then boost-jumping between when their front and back wheels hit the ground, the player skips back up into the air and can flip at will.

Commenters on the original thread were initially intrigued, but skeptical. Many raised concerns that it's too boost-intensive to even be possible in actual play. HelvetiaGaming responded with this clip that proves it's possible to jump from the corner boost and flip into to the top corner of the opposite goal, using a 100-boost pod and a single boost pad. /u/Blizik soon discovered that you can use this trick off the wall as well. The ability to save a flip from the wall might just be what cements this as a useful skill for competitive play, since passes are easier to reach from walls and the saved flip can be used to react to deflections or saves.

With a flip saved indefinitely, high-level players become even more unpredictable and deadly. This new mechanic is so groundbreaking because it allows for these players to take off across the map and flip whenever they want. There's also no way of knowing if another player used the Hel-Jump without watching closely, so skilled players can use the saved flip to surprise defenders and redirect shots at the last second.All the experts at Lolga belvedere accept the able annual administration aggregation and aswell ability levelling aggregation to action the orders of the barter in a bigger way.

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