5- expansion tanks - An expansion tank also known as expansion vessel is a small tank which is used to protect closed water heating systems as well as domestic hot water systems from excessive pressure. Sink can be made up of various materials such as marble,granite,platic,stone,wood,concrete,soapstone,ceramic etc.7- water softeners - It is an instrument which is used for the reduction of the concentration of calcium, magnesium, and other ions present in water.

.Some basic plumbing gauges are hose gauges,pupm gauges,gas tester,altitude gauge,hot water thermometers,bimetal thermometers,tridicators etc.4- water heaters - A device used for the heating up of the water is known as water heater.These are described as follows:-1- water meters - A water meter is a device used to measure the volume of water usage.2- gauges - A variety of measuring instruments is referred to as gauges.3- pumps - A device used for moving liquids,gases or slurries is known as pump.Nowadays urinals come with automatic flushing.2- Bathtubs- An area where a person can bathe.Plumbing FixturesIt consists of devices which are used to deliver and drain away water.The most common types of plumbing fixtures are explained below:-1- Showers- The area of bathing where one bathes under a spray of water is known as Shower.5- Urinals- A place for urination is termed as a urinal. There are various types of showers available such as :- air shower,electric shower,navy shower,roman shower,vichy shower,field shower etc. It is important in areas where water should be measured before it can be distributed in houses.Plumbing is a very important part of our society and it refers to all the work done to have proper drinking water systems and drainage systems.

There are four main types of Trench drains such as cast-in-place, pre-cast concrete, liner systems and former systems.4- Kitchen Sinks- A place used for washing dishes such as a kitchen sink or to wash hands such as a basin is often referred collectively as "sink".There are various kinds of pumps such as positive displacement pump,impulse pump,gravity pump,steam pump,velocity pump etc. Plumbing requires special skills and therefore one must hire an efficient plumbing company to fix all the plumbing repairs which needs to be done.The process of plumbing is carried out by a plumber who is expert in working with pipes,tubing and plumbing fixtures. Plumbing is one of the important occupation of the people and comprises of trade areas such as sanitary,drainage,building services,heating and cooling services,industrial services etc. There are various kinds of bathtubs available such as baby tub,whirlpool tub,clawfoot tub,hot water tubs etc.3- Trench Drain- A device used for the rapid evacuation of surface water. Water tax is generally Expanded PTFE Sheet levied on the amount of water usage measured by the water meter.Plumbing EquipmentsAll those devices which assist in plumbing are termed as plumbing equipments.

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