The next update to Path of Exile will mix tower defense with fungal alchemy

Although few games have tried, the robbery action RPG and tower defense are two kinds of forced actions that destroy the mouse. But on September 6, Path of Exile is working with Blight, the "Union" expansion of the "Path of Exile" in the next quarter, and the famous free dungeon crawl of Grinding Gear Games. Like all previous leagues, Blight is a free update that brings new POE Currency usage rules, system updates, and a weird hybrid tower defense model, if you are willing to start a new role, that's it.

In the upcoming Blight Alliance, players will find a small tower defense mission in each area. The latest plague hitting the cursed Wraeclast continent is a fungal infection. The only treatment is to attach a large siphon to the fungal cyst to squeeze out their mushroom oil. Yum. This process doesn't take a long time, it only takes a minute or two to bloom each time, but waves of monsters will rush to the spreading fungus tendrils to stop you.

When it comes to grinding gear head Chris Wilson, he explained that this is still the first Path of Exile, the second tower defense. You will always run wildly and slash monsters as soon as possible. But there are too many front lines to deal with yourself so that you can place a variety of damage treatment and disease-inducing towers along the tendril path along with the monster. The goal is to use towers to stop and weaken them so you can rush in to complete them. As the Blight encounter becomes more complex, you will have to deal with more tendrils at the same time.

Why is this all? Loot and experience nature. Every roll you successfully defend must produce a treasure chest at the end of the encounter. The fungus extractor spits out a variety of special oils that Cassia sisters can use to smear your POE Orbs. The two essential oils on the ring provide the gain for your tower's defenses. The combination of the three essential oils uses maze-like passive skills to give amulets and "obvious" passive skills - even your character won't be able to access them.

In addition to the usual new equipment collection, the craziest POE Currency Buy and spoils hunters can look for a unique set of Blight gear that can smear with additional skills like amulets. If you can harvest and mix the right oil, there is a high probability of using strange characters from the cherry tree of the full skill tree to pick the privilege. The Blight Alliance has extended to the end of the world at the end of Atlas, and some of the endgames Blight are completely overgrown with the tendrils produced by monsters, making them a rich source of spoils.

Finally, Grinding Gear is making some adjustments to the final optional auxiliary tasks (Delves, Incursions, and other previous leagues). Now you can save them so you can keep them when you feel it's done, without having to execute them when you assign them. A better change - especially Delves, will be more enjoyable when you bite them.

The Blight update is available on September 6 and is free.

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