The Filmmaker - A Text Adventure Best Crack

The Filmmaker - A Text Adventure Best Crack

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About This Game

Relive the days of classic gaming with The Filmmaker, a puzzle-filled text adventure that pays tribute to the classic, cheesy Hollywood B-Movie!


The Filmmaker combines the best elements of interactive fiction, visual novels, and gamebooks with a graphic user interface that emulates the look of early 1990s text adventures. It features beautiful artwork and cinematic music. In place of a text parser is a context-specific multiple choice menu. A compass allows you to travel from room to room, and separate inventory, map, journal, and character screens are available at the push of a button.

It plays like an interactive novel. You make choices that determine what happens next in the story. But unlike in traditional gamebooks and visual novels, The Filmmaker also features more advanced adventure-based game mechanics, including locations to explore, items to interact with, characters to meet, and puzzles to solve.


The Carson Stiles Gateway Theater was once the hotspot of town, featuring its own series of low-budget B-movies produced by renowned filmmaker Claude Ferucil.

Unfortunately, the theater closed several months ago after a series of gruesome murders. This came as a huge disappointment to Brianna, a young B-movie buff who faithfully attended every new showing with her recently-passed father.

Imagine Brianna’s surprise then, when she received a letter in the mail inviting her to the theater’s grand re-opening. Little did she realize, however, that she was in for a bit more than she bargained for...


  • EXPLORE a haunted theater
  • ENTER five distinct black-and-white films
  • DISCOVER the terrifying link behind a series of gruesome murders
  • HELP Brianna overcome the loss of her father
  • SOLVE a multitude of challenging puzzles
  • ENJOY over 400 pieces of original artwork and an hour-long soundtrack
  • EXPERIENCE two different endings, depending on your actions in the game
  • UNLOCK 25 achievements to view a special post-game bonus scene
  • PLAY 6+ hours of content--a true “B-movie” experience!

The Films

You'll go inside five distinct black-and-white B-movie films, each of which features unique exploration, visuals, music, and puzzles! These include:

  • ​A DETECTIVE STORY - A film noir tale about a down-on-his-luck detective
  • THE COUNT - A horror story about a young maiden captured by an evil vampire
  • THE FUZZIES - A cartoon about a small village of rabbit-like creatures
  • ALIENS FROM MARS! - A sci-fi epic about a war with the Martians
  • PRIMAL ATMOSFEAR - An action thriller about a new man-eating predator

Title: The Filmmaker - A Text Adventure
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie
Storycentric Worlds
Unimatrix Productions
Release Date: 19 Dec, 2016


the filmmaker - a text adventure

I recently played The Filmmaker, to completion, on an Android Tablet so my hours shown here are minimal. As much as I love the portability of a tablet, this game is even better with a larger screen! This is a wonderful game that I give an 'A' to in my review at Just Adventure<\/a>. Great story, well developed characters, throughtfully integrated puzzles, heroic quest... The Filmmaker has it all. I encourage those with a fondness for interactive fiction to check out this title as well as LifeStream and Shady Brook.. I'm 2 hours in, so I can't say much about the story yet. But I can already say it's a fun game with a great atmosphere and interesting characters. Brianna, a b-movie fan like myself, is a very relatable protagonist.

I don't feel bombarded with walls of text, but I still get lots of information about people, the setting and the puzzles, which is a big plus. I'm also a big fan of the music and artwork. All in all, the game captures the atmosphere and allure of small movie theatres and the cult around b-movies very well. I generally don't play much text-based games, but the setting and story sold me on this.

Also encountered a bug and got support and a solution within a few hours.. Just Finished the Story and in waiting for the release of Stonewall Penitentiary. I hope to give an exaustive review on why you guys should buy and play this title first. So from the remakes of the original games\/stories released by Unimatrix Productions: Lifestream, Shady Brook, The Filmmaker. this one is the last (for now) in a ever interesting Supernatural\/Dark Mysteries interactive fiction series. Originally released in 2010 and remade two years ago is totally worthy for me to get because it got in it two things: Movies and Ghosts. You will be shown the possibility to travel inside 5 Black and white movies to release the trapped souls of the deceased Movie theatre staff. each movie got a different theme: Noir (Phillip Marlowe style), Ghotic Horror (Inspired by Nosferatu), Cartoon (I get a feeling this is in a way a parody to childish cartoons like teletubbies but twisted in nature and thought as if they were created in the 20s), Sci-Fi (A nod to low budget sci-fi black and white movies and I think a tiny tribute to series like Star Trek) Action (From this I get the vibe of Creatures of the Black Lagoon meet Indiana Jones setting). I appreciated the fact the author give us a taste of the past and loved the retro age atmosphere. the only complains I have are:

1) the Interface Icons. even if they go well with the "Old Theatre" vibe it Feel bad after Seeing Portraits in Lifestream and the Stylized one for Jake in Shady Brook to see a simplized head icon for this Character: Brianna Auberon sister of one of the "inmates" in the coming soon Stonewall Penitentiary (Gerard Auberon that make a cameo at the begin of the game) is the first Black Woman protagonist from a Storycentric Worlds story and for me pull off really good the sweet but hidden badass act. Unexpected for me is the return as side characters of Lucy and Paul from Lifestream (Liked their "flashbacks" scenes) and liked to see them again (this little nods to past titles are what make this games so appealing).

2) The Journal Entries: It not end up messy like the one in Lifestream but I really would like to see a way to read the journal not only by "updates" but also with a little more order (example you got Brianna Diary in the Journal that updates itself. I thinked it was a nice touch as you get to read more from the main character perspective and keep also entries relative to notes and stuff that otherwise you will forget. But the problem is: the Diary is at the begin of the journal and when you open it will automatically go to the last page opened. Usually the last entries of the journal that are 5 pages later so after continuing "flip" to the right page I get a little annoyed.

About gameplay: This game is less into exploration and more into puzzles. A LOT of puzzles as you will see (some got me good as I had started playing with a short-sighted logic turned to be wrong as you don't get the "right" items in order and so you will need to backtrack the puzzle you first encountered and resolve it much more later. I end up banging my head on puzzles that had to "wait" for later: example the Toilet). This game discard the "time skip" from Shady Brook so it isn't possible to lose points on the way and keep a more efficient "battle" scenes: glad for this change. Villain is in my opinion the best so far in the games series (because the story even if it try to be isn't scary at all or even remotely disturbing as Shady Brook and the feeling at the end is that of a B-Movie Villain but as Brianna say in the game: it's good). The Story is appealing and give a good conclusion with little more choices that change the outcome. Liked the PREVIEW to the next game ( I thinkedit was a nice touch with the movie theatre theme and alll)

To the Authors: I found a minor bug in the game. When I had to put togheter the Doll "visitor" in the Noir\/Detective movie I found out that the wig you use (in all cases: blond or brunette or ginger) when taken off from the dummy the wig in the inventory will always turn with the name of the correct one (Brunette wig) . The Description remain the original for the wig chosen (so if I picked the Blond Wig in the description is shown we're talking about the blond one but the name of the item become "Brunette Wig" until I put it back in the dressing room.. There were a few bugs, but overall the game was entertaining.. What can i say. I only played for 1 hour and i`m already in love with this game. The writing style is really great and it`s really enjoyable in general. This is a sure reccommendation for any puzzle fan (yes, this game includes a lot of puzzles in combination with a lot of text), but be sure to also check out Shady Brook or Lifestream.
I\u00b4ll write a more detailed review after i`ve fully completed the game!. This game has a very interesting story that you must gradually uncover. The game is like a classic text adventure with locations and an inventory. At each location you are presented with interaction options that you must select with the mouse. It uses static artwork for locations and events that arise from interaction selections. The artwork is very well done and the music really adds to whole experience. You can tell that a lot of thought and effort went into the plotline.

You play as Brianna, a young woman who has been invited to a special screening of films by her favourite director, Claude Ferucil. When Brianna arrives at the theatre she finds it abandoned and a mystery is presented.

The game is creepy and weird at times, even downright unsettling. Being a text adventure, the gameplay is a bit slow as you must gather clues and piece together what has happened in the past - but eventually all will be revealed. The developers give you enough information to get past the puzzles\/tasks that are presented. When faced with a challenge you have the option of receiving hints if you are stuck.

I really liked this game - I wasn't sure what to expect and I was pleasantly surprised. It is good for about six to eight hours of playing time. I bought this on sale at 50% off and definitely got my money's worth.

I give it 7.5 out of ten and recommend it to patient people who like story-rich point and click games like Black Mirror<\/u> or Gray Matter<\/u>.

Encased Kickstarter Update #28: First rewards, new monsters and pre-order:
Olaf pulled back the curtain, letting a sharp triangle of morning light into the office. The desert beyond the dusty glass was already ablaze with the rising sun. After studying the bleak terrain for a few moments, he returned to the table and toyed with the copper plate announcing his title: “Head of Building Management, Olaf Vikkers.” Olaf picked up his desk phone’s receiver and dialed. A sterile machine beep answered. Olaf sighed.

— Mr Weyers, I address you as the head of the New Committee Blue Wing. My employees are working just beyond East Point now, constructing the new station according to your orders. It has been relayed to me that you’re displeased with my estimated deadlines, so I wanted to set this straight: some of my people have tasks in the city, and half of them are tied up building the highway, also, by the way, at your request. My crews are working double shifts, Mr. Weyers. It is not physically possible for them to do more. There is simply too much work.

Olaf stared out the window again: white dunes in red sunlight.

— Just know, Mr. Weyers, that your station will get built. This I vouch for personally.


Quite some time has passed since the successful wrap-up of our Kickstarter campaign. After a small break to rest and reflect, we took stock and came up with two beautiful numbers: we were supported by 2,938 backers, who in total donated over $120,000. Again, thank you everyone! It was awesome.

Now that the campaign is over, it’s time to focus on development, and to deliver our first (but not last!) rewards.

New monsters and dangers of the Dome in development. Encased Kickstarter Update #25: 24 hours countdown, details about 'Ursula' HQ:
A little more than a day is left till the end of our Kickstarter campaign. Thanks to your activity, less than 24 hours passed from achieving one stretch goal to unlocking another! Now, not only will Encased include the Fallen Fortress encounter, but the game will also have an extended freeplay mode, entertaining you with additional quests and content after the initial playthrough is over.

Very little funding is needed until we unlock the next stretch goal: the auto-train mobile HQ.

We’ve already talked about Ursula in an earlier update, but a few more details remain to be revealed.

We need to rush to get it!

Ursula was designed before the Incident, and when Maelstrom was unleashed on the world the project had to be modified in a hurry. The engineers worked furiously to protect the machine and its crew from waves of damaging psychic energy, and they were quite successful: one of Ursula’s cars is equipped with a special air-tight compartment shielded by thick lead walls. This allows you to navigate Ursula through those rare sectors where Maelstrom is so strong that no exposed character, no matter how high his Psyche score, can survive.

Ursula will grant you access to places you cannot reach in any other way.


To survey areas made uninhabitable by raging psychic energy, you can use a special drone with weapons and a manipulator arm which allows you to retrieve small objects, press buttons, and open doors.

Researchers were certain these autonomous robots would be very useful: according to maps compiled before the catastrophe, several unexamined complexes were located in areas with the highest Maelstrom activity. Perhaps the increased concentration of psychic energy has some relation to their contents, but... what could that be?

The answer to this question we leave for the player to uncover.


Although rigorous testing showing the shielding to be effective, there was something even the research scientists did not know. The weird psychic energy affects not only organic matter, but technology as well. In sufficient quantities, the radiation will manifest itself by altering the behavior of onboard systems.

The change in Ursula’s “personality” poses many difficult questions: is this new development dangerous, or is it an opportunity to make direct contact with Maelstrom? What are the possible threats, and are there any positive effects?

This event could turn out to be a serious crisis, but it’s also one of the many interesting, major quests associated with the auto-train HQ.


Ursula is unique, and there are many people in the desert who would like to lay hands on her. Sooner or later you will have to raise your defenses and fight against raiders intent on taking over your auto-train.

That's how stationed camp looks like

In the previous update dedicated to the mobile HQ, we talked about converting the train’s armored hull into a wall. However, that’s not all: the train can be equipped with stationary turrets directed by the on-board computer’s defense protocol. This program itself can also be edited by the player for maximum effectiveness.

The turrets must be serviced and repaired, and their ammunition replenished of course. Upgrades will be available.


Prepare questions for AMA

It's time to ask us anything! We're doing AMA on Reddit with Developers team. Answers on any questions about Encased, our studio Dark Crystal Games and others which you may be interested in. The date is Monday, 15th October (11:00 PM CET/ 03:00 PM PDT!).

And finally, a bit of math. To date, campaign funds total $113,488, which means we need a bit more than $6,500 to unlock Ursula.

If you're still on the fence about pledging or increasing your pledge, take a look at this physical rewards update. Perhaps a researcher hoodie, a branded CRONUS t-shirt, or a specialty metal badge would motivate you to support us further.

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