The competition is slightly different

The World Cup will be opened in a few days. This may be the most exciting ice hockey game in the world. It is a match between the best ice hockey players. Eight dream teams made up of the world's best ice hockey players will chase after each other. Many games will be collisions between Mars and the Earth. There are grudges and grudges from the past century, there are also upstarts of this century, and there is even more to challenge the King.

Due to adequate preparation time, adequate warm-ups, and with smaller stadiums, the technical and tactical content of the World Cup is likely to be higher than that of the men's ice hockey tournament of the Winter Olympics. Since this competition is organized by the NHL League and the NHL League Players Union NHL Coins, the competition is slightly different. To make it easier for everyone to watch the game, let's talk briefly here.

In the World Cup group match, if a draw is reached after the end of the regular 60 minutes, it will be played 3 times 3 minutes in 5 minutes. If there is still a draw penalty shootout, each player can only be penalized once in the penalty shootout unless After all the penalty (18 rounds) is still a draw, the player has the chance to punish for a second time. In the group games of the Olympics, if the regular time is still a draw in 60 minutes, it will be a 4 minute 4 golden ball overtime in 5 minutes. If it is still tied, it will take a cruel way to score a penalty. However, in the penalty shoot-out, only the first three rounds, each player will only be fined once, and if the draw is still a draw after three rounds, each player is allowed to repeat one-on-one free throws until one wins. This is why the United States penalty expert T.J. O’Shea scored 5 free throws to help the United States defeat the Russian miracle in the Sochi Winter Olympics and could not repeat itself in the World Cup.

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