The Aggression Alliance arrives on June 1st

The Aggression Alliance arrives on June 1st, and brings with it a accumulation of new content. As you biking about Wraeclast and the absolute world, you will appointment charlatan Alva Valai, who offers you the befalling to analyze the absent temple of POE Items an age-old civilization. The Temple of Atzoatl is awash with able charcoal and bugged riches, but accepting admission to its boodle will present a unique, acute challenge.

In Incursion, to aerate your abundance hoard, you'll be travelling aloft time, manipulating contest in the accomplished to adapt your temple in the present. The Temple of Atzoatl was complete by the abolished Vaal Empire, and comes complete with a adapt of the Vaal accomplishment gem system. Previously, Vaal abilities had to allegation over time, and were about disregarded as a ashen aperture in your gear.

Afterwards Incursion, Vaal abilities will bulk beneath to activate, and additionally, will consistently be attainable to use, even if not in actuality charged. Abounding underused Vaal abilities accept aswell been buffed, as able-bodied as traps, and some added non-Vaal staples, such as Incinerate and Algid Snap Buy POE Items 

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