The 20 chargeless Rocket Canyon 3 accolade items

Don’t anguish about affairs the Rocket Canyon 3 Exceptional Clue appropriate away, either. As connected as you buy it afore Rocket Canyon 3 ends (which should be about 14 weeks from now), you will accept all of the Bank rewards up to the Bank Akin you are currently sitting at. So if you adeptness Bank Akin 55 in a few weeks time and afresh buy Rocket Canyon 3 Premium, you will acquire every alone Exceptional Bank accolade annual up until that point rocket league items.

The 20+ chargeless Rocket Canyon 3 accolade items will be acceptable by Exceptional owners too, alongside 70 added items altered to them, added Exceptional owners will be advised to Keys, rather than Decryptors. Rocket Canyon 3 Exceptional owners can apprehend to alleviate new Battle-Cars (including the aboriginal Guardian), Keys, air-conditioned cosmetics, and XP boosts.

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