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SUPER FLAIL is a fast-paced arcade score attack game of flail-swinging rampage. Swing your flail to destroy everything until you die. Compare your score wi 5d3b920ae0

Genre: Action, Casual, Free to Play, Indie
PsychoFlux Entertainment
Release Date: 3 Aug, 2018


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Version 1.39 : - fixed the race selection screen screen not being displayed in casual games - removed the holiday theme. Terra Mystica 1.28 : - fixed another instance of the double syphon bug - fixed AI bug related to the giants. Terra Mystica 1.26 : - fixed a bug where running games were not updated while in game - fixed the double syphon bug. Patchnotes Version 1.32 : Terra Mystica 1.32 - Fixed many logic and display bugs related to the Fire&Ice beta - Players can now take the priest power action even if they have no more priests left - Fixed a bug where using the double spade in combination with tunneling or carpet flight would give double victory point rewards - Fixed leeching errors occuring when the leeching player has 0 victory points - Changed the way player can drag friends for custom games to make the list easier to navigate - The rank changes are now shown when a game is opened after it has already ended.. Terra Mystica V 1.42 : - fixed Vulcan color picking phase in online games - fixed Chaos Magician making favor tiles more valuable to other players over time - Cultists no longer get 1 Power when all neighbors have all their Power in bowl 3 - changed the income order of Riverwalkers to ensure they can always use their ability - fixed Mermaids loosing their Town tile, if they used their Special action at the end of their turn and looked at the map before picking a tile - fixed unable to undo reaction turns in online games - fixed keyboard shortcuts for steam version - fixed an UI bug where Acolytes could try to pay 3 Cult instead of 4, generating an error. Patchnotes 1.25 : - fixed Mermaid bug that enabled to always build a town with only 3 buildings when using their ability - fixed an UI bug that enabled you to take an action of an opponent which the server would refuse. - turned the Cult track into landscape position to make it completely visible - added the possibility to write notes for each games to distinguish games better - shovels received as cult bonus are now optional for games created with v1.25+ - minor console improvements - fixed the clock being swapped with another player when passing for a bonus tile - fixed a bug where building a city with the mermaid ability after building something that triggered power gains would cause the game not to accept the move. - added the option to add AI opponents on casual games - added Fire&Ice (BETA) for local games.. Version 1.52: Fire & Ice released : We are happy to announce, that the Beta is over and all of you brave Steam-settlers now can play the Fire & Ice addon against players on all platforms (including the mobile ones). Adding 6 more exciting new races to the realm of Terra Mystica and two totally new terrains! The competition gets even tougher as mysterious Yetis, cold hearted Ice Maidens, travellingRiverwalkers, adaptable Shapeshifters, devoted Acolytes and powerful Dragonlords shape the lands to their will. These all new factions bring deep tactical options and new strategies to the digital table.. Patchnotes 1.37 : - Fixed syphoning screen appearing twice when showing the replay - Fixed local games staying in the running game list after completion - Fixed scoring issues related to darklings and free spades - Fixed multiple fire and ice errors - No longer allowed to use power conversions during syphon reaction turns

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