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Stolen Steel VR Download] [portable]

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About This Game

Stolen Steel is a room-scale VR arena swordfighting game. Steal a sword and fight a series of increasingly tough AI opponents in pursuit of the highest score. Get extra points for stealth kills, and compete with your friends to see who is the superior swordsperson.

Currently features two VR swordfighting arenas.

Stolen Steel is a VR spin-off of an untitled non-VR stealth project from Impromptu Games. If it does well, we've got a lot cool ideas for where to go with it. b4d347fde0

Title: Stolen Steel VR
Genre: Action, Casual, Indie, Simulation
Impromptu Games
Impromptu Games
Release Date: 22 Feb, 2017


This is more of a tech demo with very little content so it is very hard to justify the $4.99 price point. If the sword fighting were more sophisticated, it would be worth that if not more. However, the sword play is basic. I didn't see much of an advantage to properly block and then swing. It seemed it was always advantageous to swing wildly about.

Obviously, kills are easier with stealth. But with teleportation being the main mechanism to move and no crouching behind objects or walking silently, is it really stealth? It's more like ganking. Find a dark spot. Wait until they turn their back, then teleport behind them to gank. And there's only 1 VR environment area.

This is a $2.49 game at most in its current state. I cannot recommend this game until better sword play is added or more content. More weapons, more enemies, shielded enemies, traps. etc. More than 1 enviroment as well.

Rate 4\/10 needs updated content to be worthy. This game is dead

A tech demo at the price of seven or eight bucks

only two levels

and the game is no longer worked on by the developers


Buy blade and sorcery instead because that game is worth its price and the devs\/dev is still working on that game

THIS GAME IS DEAD. You enter the world as a floating pair of fancy gloves, surrounded by wanted posters and a short description of the game, in a short tunnel behind a guard with a kick me sign. As you dispatch your stationary foe and retrieve his blade, the world opens up.

The very brightly lit world...

I was able to yank the nearby torch off the wall and satisfyingly bank it off an oncoming train, but there was far too much light coming in to really get the stealth feeling on the first guard. Now, this could very well be a practice thing and I just wasn't doing a good job of finding the hidey holes, or it could get much beter later in the game. I couldn't tell you, because I couldn't get out of that first room...

Now, I was able to step out into the room and fight. And the fighting is very good, if the AI is a bit weak to thrust attacks and armor appears to be merely cosmetic. Again, this may be mitigated by later enemy types, but I couldn't tell you. Because the kick me sign is not the only tool pulled from the bully's handbook in this game. Oh no, they also bring you a taste of that old classic, "Stop hitting yourself!"

For some reason, Impromptu has decided that your sword should be able to cut you. And hoo boy, does it. Constantly.

Taking two steps? That's a slicin'
Looking around for a teleport destination? That's a slicin'
Picking up an offhand sword? That's a slicin'
Slicing an enemy? Ooh, you better believe that's a slicin'

The thing is, even as I was commiting seppuku through the first area, I was having fun. There's a good game in there, I just hope Impromptu can cure my character's cutting habit so I can see more of it.

EDIT: So, seems after the first update I'm not getting slashed anymore. That is a major boost to the playability!

There are still issues where the sword gets knocked out of my hand for no good reason, but the fairly quick turnaround on the slice fix really impresses me. in its current state, wouldnt recommend Stolen Steel at all its very rough and still ran like crap on my i7 980 system. everything felt very unresponsive and I feel in a game like this you need to be able to do everything you would be able to do in real life such as slashing an enemys exposed leg (which does not work in this)

Pros: its pretty.
Cons: everything else.. Wow this is beyond basic as far as the early access games out there. The map is tiny. You can't stealth anywhere because the only form of locomotion is teleportation. The soldiers hitboxes make no sense. Parrying feels ok but handling swords are buggy overall. They seem to lag and and clip on random things. You should have only one grip\/release button having both makes dropping your weapon mid swing entirely more likely. Even for 8 dollars i feel right now there isnt even that amount of gameplay.

I will keep my eyes on it as it develops but this is not what i expected seeing the trailer and images i thought the map was bigger and stealth played a bigger factor. You can't even distract enemies with bottles.. System being used:
VIVE Pro, Pro controllers and 2.0 sensors, i9-7900X, 1080 and 32 GB RAM

There really isn't much to say about this game. It's sort of a proof-of-concept for sword flighting, I guess. Even that, it doesn't do very well.

Decent graphics

A little confused why there would be a train going through the center of town in a medieval setting, it's immersion breaking and the noise is annoying.

The sword movement is laggy as hell which makes stealth and backstab on a moving target nearly impossible (which is what the game is based around). Which is weird when no other title lags on my system. I have to assume it's poorly optimized coding to capture the VR wand movements.

There is no further information about the game than what's written on the wall when you first start.

As far as I could tell, all you do is "sneak" around and kill some guards. That's literally it.

Not worth your time even for a tech-demo or something to show your friends. There are too many better games that incorporate superior swordplay out there like Vanishing Realms, Dungeon Knight, etc.. Cons:
Hitboxes are awful
Sword clips through enemies
Sword handling is buggy
You die randomly
Extremely repetitive
Graphics are meh (It's a VR game so that's fine)
Animations are horrible

Low cost
Fun for 15 minutes (or is that a con?). bunch of kiss\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665reviews here. this game is not good enough to me to recommend. buggy teleport system, and the game is slow enough paced to have a more normal movement system. weapon handling system is wonky they never seem to stay in your hand. combat is borderline awful as weapons ghost quite a bit and a weapon connection with ai send them back 10 feet out of your range. i will redo my review if this gets fixed.. I have just seen this game on Steam this morning and have purchased it right away!
So many VR games that are released at the moment that have one or two ideas that would make a great VR experience but are then restricted to making a very short game in order for it not to get repetitive\/boring. 'Stolen Steel' is Not restricted by this!!!
I really hope that 'Impromptu Games' do go ahead with making more content for this, as it has so much potential (So Much!). There are so many different things they can do with this, they don't even need to worry much about a story!
I could really see the game becoming a VR Skyrim\/Legend of Grimrock style of game, which would fill a big hole in the VR market.
There are so many fantastic non-VR games to compete with out there but with VR it is much easier to stand out in the crowd (especially with this little gem!).
Keep up the great work 'Impromptu Games' , I really hope that this game will keep growing! :-). Here's my first time gameplay video: https:\/\/\/vy9qIT-3Grg<\/a>

I also review other VR games on my channel:\/c\/thefishstick\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"noreferrer\" >\/c\/thefishstick<\/a>

A recently released sword fighting game on Steam fight the bad guys with swords you steal from them or find laying around. Overall this was a decent game however the AI is pretty bad and there is not a lot of content out for it for the price they're asking. As far as I can tell there is only a single level and the AI can be pretty clueless. This is another one of those games that should be a demo in it's current state. THAT BEING SAID i'm going to keep an eye on because I do like sword fight games and it has potential. I may check it out again later on down the road. But I cannot recommend it at it's current price.

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