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About This Game

Star Valor is a Space Action RPG game where you are in control of your own spaceship, with a vast galaxy to explore, mine, quest, trade, fight and even craft your own weapons. You have many different ways to build your ship and stand out in this living space, where every action counts for making a good (or bad) impression towards each faction. Start small, improve, complete missions, gather allies (or hire mercenaries), grow big and powerful.

Current Features

  • Open World exploration on a procedural galaxy
  • Dynamic and easy to learn combat system
  • Craft your own weapons
  • 120+ different equipment to use in your ship
  • 60+ spaceship models
  • Chose new abilities as you level up
  • Unlock Perks to try new play styles
  • Story and procedural quest system
  • 7 factions to interact with

Title: Star Valor
Genre: Action, Indie, RPG, Early Access
Rafael Burgos
Rafael Burgos
Release Date: 13 Jul, 2018


  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: 2.0 Ghz
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel HD 4000
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 1 GB available space
  • Sound Card: Yes


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I'm usually not into Sci-fi but this game kept me entertained for quite a while. Definitely worth its price tag even though it's not complete yet. I'm excited to see what the finished product will look like.. Weapons seem to be bugged on bigger ships. Outside of that its cool.. Tight combat , good character customization , good ship customization with an interesting sandbox to play around in . To me all it is missing to make your own story are the faction wars and the devs said they were working on those . i hope that there will be territory changing hands but no mention yet . overall it is good in the current state and is only getting better.. Incredible game; this is one of my favorites of all time.. This is very entertaining. I had to struggle a bit to get my income rolling at first but after you get enough to buy two or so ship class upgrades, it's been mostly pure havoc. I saw so few have reviewed this and thusly, likely found this jewel so I wanted to give it another boost with a good review. I'm about 36hrs in so far and trying to play daily still. Support indies like this and you will get you money's worth over and over.. its got potential.. but its was so empty. and Exploration was joke :D
i maybe try it later when more stuff will be added..

. Star Valor is still in early access, some elements are still under development. Regardless, the game is already pretty fun. It's easy to get lost on those space explorations, although, I will admit some biased considering the theme. This preview will cover my experience after playing the early access: Fun like "Asteroids" but with a lot more complexity! I like how this game has an arcade feel combined with quests, skill trees, resource acquisition, ship upgrades, and more. I also enjoy the simple controls and exciting music & sound effects.
. Its a really fun game and has a lot of replayability. Easy to get into and well worth the price if you like exploration type sapce shooty.. Despite being in early access, this game is great and good for 10-20 hours of gameplay per game with the current features.

The developer is very active in his discord forum, and is very welcome to suggestions and ideas.

Currently there are many different ships and lots of weapons, equipment, and other goodies to keep you occupied. If you like scouring the galaxy to find the best parts, upgrading them and shuffling them around to make the best ship for whatever your play style is, then this is the game for you.

Always excited to see what is coming next!

Proxima Mining Company Patch - 09/Aug/2018:
Hey everyone! Here is the Proxima Mining Company patch! 10 new and exclusive ships for the faction, with new special abilities. Besides some bonuses, PMC ships now have "Ammo Replicator", which automatically consumes Metal Ore to create ammo when needed.

Oh and now we have Spanish and German translations! :)

NOTE: Existing stations in your savegame will not sell the new ship models, so you´ll have to generate new sectors if you don't want to start a new game. Go to the edge of the known galaxy to generate new sectors.

  • Added 10 exclusive faction ships for PMC (Proxima Mining Company), with unique faction bonuses, including Ammo Replicator.
  • Added spaceships: Walrus (Independent) and Corsair (Red Skull Pirates).
  • Added translation for German (Thanks David Kristall!) and Spanish (Thanks Ariel Alejandro!).
  • Increased "Station Weapons" heat generated, space used and range, making it harder for players to use, but still very powerful.
  • Changed some faction names. New names are Venghi Ascension, Children of Terra and Technomancers (former Brotherhood).
  • Reduced effect of Large Gyroscope to 45 from 60.
  • Reduced Claymore armor to 750 from 840.
  • Added Steam Cloud support, so you can play your save-game anywhere.
  • Reduced all ammo price and space occupied.
  • Reduced number of cloud particles in nebula sectors to improve performance.
  • Reputation levels now have a cap of 10000, right above Allied.
  • Slightly Increased XP needed to level.
  • FIXED Game freeze when spawning moving objects (relics).
  • FIXED a bug that allowed using a station after it was destroyed.
  • FIXED a bug that allowed small ships to equip large items when swapping ship models.
  • FIXED showing asteroid drop info for spaceships.
. Patch 1.1.2:
  • Added limited arch weapon turrets and applied to many ships, specially those with slots too far apart. The angle limit is represented in red (360º turrets have a red circle).
  • Added Syndicate Dreadnought: Sanctuary. For now it is not available to players and has a predefined weapon set.
  • Enabled mouse wheel to scroll up/down item panels.
  • Added starting credits to Perks (mostly for background perks).
  • Now you need to inflict at least 50% damage for enemy kills to be considered for Perks like Aggressive and Marauder (mercs damage counts as yours).
  • Increased the number of nearby sectors in starting quadrant. Also it is more likely that each faction will control at least 1 sector in the area.
  • Increased chance of bigger freighters (Frigates+) spawning in low level sectors.
  • Fixed Sloppy Perk to only trigger when doing at least 50 damage to the station.
  • Movement and mass calculations:
  • ----- Most ships had their mass increased to better simulate reality and the new calculations. This will reduce how much small ships can push you.
  • ----- Acceleration and side strafe cap were highly increased and now the ship info shows the correct value (in units per second) for both.
  • ----- Changed calculations on turning speed. Now you actually need to stack more gyroscopes but you can achieve higher turning rates than before.
  • ----- Top Speed reduced for bigger ships. Corvettes and Frigates are intended to be the fastest.
  • ----- Removed level bonus for acceleration, top speed, turn and strafe. It is more based on your equipment now.
  • Changed Maneuverability and Acceleration perks to show actual speed value changes (in units per second).
  • Increased the amount of weapons used by AI in bigger ships, specially in higher levels (they were using less weapons than available space, even around level 50).
  • Fixed nameless weapons dropping.
  • Fixed a BUG that allowed double drop/Xp from the same enemy, when using multiple weapons.
. "Payback time" Patch - 27/july/2018:
Hey everyone, it's AI payback time (or not)
AI Ships got stronger in higher levels, had some BUGs fixed, and now there are bosses.

  • Added Boss Ship, which spawns mostly in sectors with no faction control or Pitch Black. They are always visible in the sector map.
  • FIXED a bug that made most AI spaceships have the lowest pilot skill possible (bad aim).
  • AI spaceship power increased in higher levels.
  • Increased effect of tier 1 skills and reduced point limit to 5 (characters with more than 5 points in one skill will have all skills reset).
  • Increased warp distance bonus of Master Explorer skill to 3.
  • Items gained through scraping are now shown in side panel.
  • Renamed ship sizes to (1: Shuttle, 2: Yacht, 3: Corvette, 4: Frigate, 5: Cruiser, 6: Dreadnought, 7: Kraken), ship class (role) will be added later on.
  • Weapon slot heat allowance now increases for bigger ship sizes.
  • Reduced size of Heavy and Capital Impulse Drives.
  • Reduced Drone parts base price to 50 from 80.
  • Increased base stock quantity for trade goods.
  • Added Capital Impulse Drive Mk. IV and increased acceleration power for lower models.
  • Increased acceleration cap for ship size 6 (now named Dreadnought).
  • Increased turning speed cap for ship size 5.
  • Reduced heat and energy increase on burst modifier (crafting).
  • Reputation panel now shows how much points are needed for next rank.
  • Objects like asteroids or stations will not spawn in the center of the map (0,0) anymore.
  • Added option to change the speed boost button (default shift) on game launch setup.
  • Added option to turn VSync on/off in game setup.
  • FIXED save game on sector with no faction control.
  • FIXED freeze on "invalid quest" message.
. Russian Patch:
Just a small patch to release Russian Language (Thanks Anastasia and Alexander)!

Next one will introduce unlockable perks and new options for better replayability, stay tuned! :)

. BIG Patch - 28/Sep/2018:
Hey everyone!

This patch took a bit longer than expected but here it is! :)

LOTs of new ships, including Syndicate exclusives with special abilities, and a bunch of independent and cool new models. I couldn't do everything I wanted but it was taking way too long, so I decided to launch it and just keep working on it. I´ll try to release smaller and more frequent patches from now on.
Basically what I couldn't do was the new white quests for PMC and Syndicate, which I´ll be working on.

As usual for old saves, you´ll need to generate new sectors (go to the edge of your known galaxy) to be able to see new ships being sold in stations and as floating loot.

Oh and Xyranoth has joined the team now. He designed the Syndicate ships (that were all modeled by Warsoul) and designed and modeled all independent new ships. Xyra is also working hard on Lore development, which gives me more time for everything else. Yey :)

NOTE: Translations (specially Spanish) are not fully complete for this patch. I´ll be updating it later on.

  • Added new ships: Hauler (replaced Rhino), Luna (replaced Space Fly), Mercury, Galaxy (tutorial version), Theseus, Raven, Geraki (Sam Holo's unique ship), Dorothy and 8 new and exclusive Syndicate Ships (all sizes except Dreadnought for now).
  • Added special abilities for Syndicate ships: Warp distance bonus, base shield absorption and trade bonus.
  • Added intro scene when starting a new game.
  • Changed starting ship and tutorial quests (All quests from older version saves will be deleted to avoid issues). By the end of the tutorial you´ll receive a special ship according to the path you chose (independent, mining or trading).
  • Removed reputation gains with PMC from mining and added repeatable quests to turn in crystals in order to gain reputation.
  • Changed reputation gains with Syndicate from trading to only affect buying trade goods.
  • Increased Vulcan projectile speed from 60 to 80 and changed shooting sound.
  • NPC spaceships will now also travel to locations like stations (and stay there for a while) or ship graveyards.
  • Changed loot to more often prioritize drops around the same level as the enemy defeated.
  • Changed 'reset skills' point gain to 1 every 20 levels instead of 10.
  • Added GPU instancing for asteroids and other objects to improve performance.
  • Mercenaries now warp away when you end the escort.
  • Fixed Venghi bases sound not scaling with sfx volume.
  • Fixed being able to equip incompatible items when changing ship.
Complementary fixes. Patch 1.1.3:
Hey everyone! Some cool little changes this time, including very requested ones. Be advised that all station markets were reset and so was the player trader codex records.

  • Galaxy Map now shows when you have items stored on each sector.
  • Sectors were optimized to only generate certain data when they are visited/explored, drastically reducing file size and saving time. Old save games will not have it's entire data altered, however when new sectors are generated they will benefit from this change.
  • Stations minimum market level raised to 4 from 3 and now they will sell items down to 35 levels lower, instead of 30.
  • Station markets will no longer update item prices immediately after a purchase or sale, it will be made once every 30 minutes.
  • Traders and White Collars (background perks) now see market prices as different colors according to base price: Green when good deals, yellow when neutral and red when bad prices.
  • Increased starting galaxy size.
  • When exiting a jump gate, now your ship will be further away from the portal to avoid going back in, the distance varies according to ship size.
  • Changed experience perk "Technology" to give bonus Tech Level instead of a normal point.
  • Fixed (again) tractor beam. Slow mode now really acts as a counter to target's impulse drive.
  • Damage numbers from fast firing weapons will be added together just like continuous beams.
  • Spotlight status is now persistent.
  • Hired mercenaries will no longer become your enemy if you damage them, but they also won't give any reward if you kill them.

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