Some Important PoE Suggestion about Potential Guild Improvements

I am a developer, and let me just say that a well created wireframe like this makes development 10 times easier then someone who isn't exactly clear about what they want their functionality to be. If you need poe orbs cheap in game, you can choose sale cheap poe currency.

The code in a well de-coupled concept practically writes itself and can be handed out piece-meal to multiple devs at once, leading to very fast development. Obviously there are some implications to these that are a little more in-depth (shared hideouts, guild "quests" of sorts) but it's not like tools aren't largely present anyway.

Great mockup mate, looks great! At this point however, any interest in improving guild stuff would be amazing...

  • Guild list looks great, would maybe also include a way to direct to player's profile.
  • Hideout is a very cool idea, but in all honesty I highly doubt we would ever get something like that. Not a massive fan of the payment for reward system but having a hideout for the guild is cool.
  • Calendar is nice but honestly not too important (imo).
  • Goals seems like a fun little in-guild game. Certainly not too important but it seems fun.
  • Stash log would be amazing - could possibly become somewhat of a clusterfuck (for some guilds) so maybe have something to limit the amount of entries.
  • So imo the Guild list and stash log are very cool but like I said at this point I would just be happy if they could show any interest in Guilds at all.

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