With her latest single "Stoned" dropping we caught up with SNAP to find out more about this talented MC. 

Where are you from? 

I'm from the east side of Charlotte Shannon park to be exact

So, what are your thoughts on the current state of the game?

The game has changed tremendously a lot to do with technology and people being able to create using these platforms. i grew up in the 90s so i got a good mix of old school music and new school for me is a good balance with the generation now being so different its not about who likes what its a sound out there for everybody. I don't wanna be bitter about the new generation and what they like. its justs exciting to see people being able to create and express themselves freely. Then on the other hand yo go mofos who do it for the gram. for me I'm all about the hip hop culture first!

How do you separate yourself from other artists?

I've always been taught to be a leader not a follower. i dont really compare or seperate myself i js create and stay in my own lane.

Who influenced your style?

My style def influenced by alot of the music that was out in the 90s. definitely Lauren hill Erykah Badu the whole bad boy family faith evens Mary j, biggie wutang outkast and ugk when it comes to being from the south. My mom definitely opened that door for me and had me listening to Billy Holiday, Louis Armstrong, and Duke Ellington all of which influenced me being able to hear and perform certain harmonies. 

Give a shout out… 

I give all praise and thanks to the higher powers that be! Shout out to ma dukes for allowing me to express myself as a kid shit paid off, to my sister and my girl Lauren for being very supportive. shout out to my producers who i have a great relationship with thousand times.Also desterachhi beats, the very first producer who motivated me and believed in me. my home boy merit and aman aka aaron. the whole wu wu gang and team snap nation andmy dj dj dana for putting fire under me and reminding that the grind doesn't stop thank you for creating a platform for me CIAA and beyond. my videographer IAMU PRODUCTIONS. my brother from another mother and long live my brother show time and Trebo 247.

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