Satori Sounds VR Crack And Patch File Download

Satori Sounds VR Crack And Patch File Download

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About This Software

Relax, Enjoy & Transcend with Immersive VR Environments Combined with Brainwave Dynamics™ Audio Technology Brainwave Dynamics™
- Blending Binaural Beats ,Isochronic Tones and Solfeggio Frequencies with specially designed Sound Loops, Smart Ambience creating
unique and different audio loop combinations and Spatial Audio.

Designed to mask the often unpleasant tones and frequencies associated with Binaural Beats, Isochronic Tones and Solfeggio Frequencies while creating a powerful, truly unique and pleasant audio experience every time.

Enjoy Eight Environments: Rocky Coast, Rolling River, Redwood Forest, Foggy Beach, Lava Cliffs, Tropical Shore, Paradise Bay, Coconut Island.

Select from Six Modes: Meditation, Deep Relaxation, Alpha Mind, Healing Energy, Day Dream, Alert Awaken. Adjust the Sound & Ambience in your Environment for your perfect balance. Designed to help - Meditation, Relieve Stress, Relaxation, Improve Sleep & Mental Focus. 6d5b4406ea

Title: Satori Sounds VR
Genre: Education
ZCat Systems, LLC
Brainwave Dynamics
Release Date: 23 Feb, 2018


satori sounds vr

It's not as nearly as good as Perfect or Nature Treks VR, in terms of giving you cool nature settings to hang out in. Buy those first.

Nevertheless, as a meditation aid, it does the job. You can pick your frequency range (theta, delta, etc.) for isochronic and binaural beats, which is good. Then you also get nature sounds and some new age music on top of that, and you can adjust the relative volume levels of all three tracks.

On the downside: It's a bit awkward to switch meditation settings (at least with an Oculus Touch) and the devs don't engage here, which is disappointing. Still, what it does is pretty unique and it's cheap.. ''I'm a Sucker for Realistic Looking Environments in VR''

Things I Like:
- For $5 I got Eight Different Spots to go Relax in...
- The Quality of the 360' Video is Excellent!
- You have the Power to Control the Different Sounds you hear!
Note: I Turned the Music Off and Played with the Nature Sounds and it is Realistic!
- Very Relaxing... I can Find Myself Falling Asleep in these Places rather Quickly!
Note: My Favorite is the Rolling Rivers and The Rocky Coast!
- Another Nice Program to Show to First Timers in VR it really does a good job of taking you out of your VR Room and
putting you in another Place which is a ''Realistic Looking Environment!'' that is Relaxing!
- The Audio Sounds is Fantastic!
- You want to feel like you are Alone in a Crowded House! Mission Completed! I Felt Like The Only Person on the Planet!
Hello,.....Anyone Out There....? hehehe

Things I Dislike:
- Not Much to do...other then Look Around at the Realistic Environment and Relax!
Note: I really can't Complain about that too much. Because, that is what it is intended for...
- Only Eight Different Locations to Relax in...
Note: I Find Myself wanting More...But, What is there is Nice!
- Not Going to Be Using this Much! But, Cool for what it is...

I am Very Pleased with this Purchase. For $5 bucks you get a Relaxing ''Realistic Looking Place to do Nothing in!'' well, you can Look Around! The Ocean is Relaxing to ''Watch'' Crash into the Rocks! and Listening to the Different Sounds is Wonderful!

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