Russian SuperHero Dead Ivan Activation Fix

Russian SuperHero Dead Ivan Activation Fix

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About This Game

Somewhere, in the farthest corner of Russia, you can find him: the great Russian superhero Dead Ivan! Surrounded by the most common stereotypes, he's armed with a chainsaw full of magic and is always ready for a fight! Where else can you meet a bear in boots with a balalaika and ride along with him on the back of a dragon while shooting insidious geese?

Only here, at:
Motherland of Dead Ivan!

Within this game you might find:
- Many enemies: monsters, zombies, skeletons, Count Dracula, mushrooms, and the most terrifying of them all, geese!
- 5 different types of magic!
- Total freedom of action!
- Puzzles!
- Lots of gold!
- Jokes!
- Democracy and intriguing storyline!
- And jokes! Oh, I already listed that, sorry. 7ad7b8b382

Title: Russian SuperHero Dead Ivan
Genre: Casual, Indie
Anatoliy Loginovskikh
Sometimes You
Release Date: 19 Oct, 2016


  • OS: Windows XP\Vista\7\8\10
  • Processor: 1.2 Ghz+
  • Memory: 1024 MB RAM
  • Graphics: 256 MB
  • Storage: 100 MB available space


russian superhero dead ivan. russian superhero dead ivan badge

It's \u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665iful, cykastic piece of art!. Very fun game. ok lets be 100% real: i started playing this and was like ''meh'' but not much other than that and continued to play the game. It was pretty bad, but still passable, so i continued playing. I was actually going to finish the game when i realized that it's absolutely broken to the core. Allow me to explain: YOU CAN'T END THE GAME. Seriously, you can't. One level is completely bugged out and the key components won't work properly. The next level has an INSANE difficulty spike from the rest of the game, that makes it impossible to beat given the lack of mana and the absurd damage of the traps (that are EVERYWHERE and you can't dodge, unless you use the sheep spell). Not only that, but the mechanics and the controlls suck too. The story doesn't even exist, as far as i'm aware,and the sound effects are awful. It's so bad it's not even meme material
tl;dr: this game is awesome, buy it and refound it. This game is life changing.. Best gift i've gotten on steam so far. I recommend this game for anyone who wants to only stay in the loading screen.

- Great loading screen art.
- Dank music

- Everything else.. That name used to mean something less than a year ago. It wasn't a game, back then. It was an ideal, a game that existed only because we wanted it to. The world would be better with it's presence, we thought. Gaming would never be the same if it appeared; like an atom bomb, it would change the way we looked at things forever.

It has now been over a year since that name was brought from shadow, to spotlight, and now discussion. What do we have now, six DLCs down the road and plenty of time to sink in hour upon hour?


THE COLOR BLUE: While New Vegas might have been in a dusty desert, brown in excess is never a good thing. Fallout 4 finally gives us some richer colors to stare at. Metal foundries turned Raider Strongholds have fiery hues to inflame our anger towards injustice. The countryside has pleasantly clean skies and lush vegitation in the remains of old highways and parks. Rad storms and the poisoned Glowing Sea cast a harsh green glow onto the landscape, flashes of lightning jolting us from our idle stares into the maelstrom above.

ACTUAL SHOOTER COMBAT: At long last, 3D Fallout shoots like it should. We can sprint for the first time, quickly moving from cover to play that deadly game of bullet ping-pong. Recoil feels right, and moving guns with a controller isn't linear and stiff, but fluid and responsive, allowing for quick manuvers of sight-hip-repeat. Grenades can be tossed with your rifle out, allowing you to coax opponents out of cover and into your waiting line-of-sight. These tenets of design may be standard on other shooters, but they were lacking in Fallout. And now, it's here and (almost) perfect.

A USE FOR EVERYTHING IN THE GAME: Cigarettes, electronics, and chemicals won't be the only things you pick up anymore. Bethesda has put purpose behind every coffee cup, every discarded glass, and more. To let your creative desires flow in your canvases of guns and housing, you'll need the right materials. Every peice of junk you come across has little salvagable components within themselves that you can then use to make useful things. Want to construct a wonderful bungalow for your character out of a gas station? You'll need steel and wood-and both of things exist in clipboards and tin cans. With the exception of folders, you'll find yourself reaching for whatever isn't welded to the floor.

AN ARSENAL AS CREATIVE AS YOU: Previously, every raider has the same rifle as a soldier. Fallout 4's crafting system allows for what New Vegas tried to do: mods that made your gun yours. Enemies can have weapons creatively-tuned or plain as paper; one raider's ramshackle rifle has a tuned receiver or a hair-trigger, while another's Pipe Pistol is just a tool for the job. But with the right perks and parts, you can make very special armor and weapons for yourself. Why have a Standard Laser Rifle when you can tweak it to scatter beams or incinerate to disintigrate? Why have just a Leather Chestpeice when you can shadow it to sneak and stab? Your character can be as unique as your tools.

BETHESDA'S BEST ARMOR SYSTEM YET: Fallout 3 and NV had only three slots: Face, Hat, and Body. Skyrim got closer, segmenting the body into Greaves, Boots, Torso, and with Necklaces and Rings to boot. Now we have something magical: from top to bottom, Hat, Eyes, Face, Left arm, Torso, Right arm, Left leg, and Right leg, and a new "underarmor" slot for close-skin clothing that can be worn underneath your armor. Mix and match for effectiveness or looks, but regardless, it's diverse.

BEYOND THE BIG FINALE: The game will go as long as you let it. No DLCs required to expand the level cap-it's already cranked up to infinity. Build the most impossibly powerful individual for as long as you keep playing. And when the ending hits, your survivor keeps walking to mop up leftover quest and locked perks.

FROM COMPANIONS TO SOULMATES: Past games had their share of good pals to support the sadness of the wastes, and this game keeps that bar high. Each companion has their own stories, likes, dislikes, dreams and hopes. They routinely make subtle movements and little dialogue quirks that bring real people out of virtual constructs. And with their perks being unlocks rather than presence-based, you're welcome to try them all.

A FLAVORED CAST OF VOICE ACTORS: Bethesda's past ventures often had small crews of common voices, but they've done something with this one that prevents dialogue from going stale audio-wise. I can't quite put my finger on it...bigger cast? Similar voices? Regardless, it's better here.

PLASTIC SURGERY REFINED: The character creator in this game's absolutely phenomenal. Dials and numbers become a stretch-and-pull plethora of wonderful options of any face and body shape you can think of. Channing Tatum or horrible scar-rack? Your choice.


THE STORY: Truth be told, it's not that bad. It has about one good twist, but that's it. Granted, the main story wasn't the spotlight in these games.

PRESTON AND HIS MERRY MEN: Alright, the Minutemen are a great way of discovering workshoops and places to build settlements. This is ruined by the fact you have to babysit your territory while the okay-companion Preston is forced to become a pez-dispenser of "do this' quest. Trimming down the quest he gives or the amount of workshops you can have and use would easily make this better to bear, but presently it's a pain that hinders your desire to build in different places.

POWER ARMOR: In addition to canonicly making no sense at all, the Power Armor system, while cool and interesting, isn't extrememly needed or even utilized. You can mix and match peices onto a frame, and there's an alright system in place for making your own extreme exosuit, but your parts can take damage and break off of you, requiring more scrap to fix. You're also slower in it and using it will require Fusion Cores, a costly fuel source that makes constant use an impossibliity. By the time you have plenty of gas, your player will often be stronger apart than with Power Armor.

OLD PROBLEMS THAT LINGER: New songs sit in the radio-about two of them. The rest are re-used from older games, leading to a quickly-annoying earworm generator that's even more grating than the previous titles. AI still gets stuck in places and onto things, animations are still not flawless (but better.) This is the only Fallout game I had where I actually completed every quest in one run, leaving nothing to do. The Armor system doesn't allow you to wear EVERYTHING (would it kill to make all common clothes underarmor?) And of course, bugs on bugs.

THE DIALOGUE WHEEL: In an attempt to trim dialogue, Bethesda made every encounter have four dialogue options. This wouldn't be as bad as it is if every option you choose is described in two words or less, so you'll never know exactly what you'll say. The biggest gripe is the "sarcastic" option. It's never described as "yes" or "no", just "sarcastic." It's ridiculous.


APPROVED-Worth a buy.

A year later, this game is still giving. Still, I find new things to do, new contraptions to build, and new adventures even after plenty of hours more than my friends. Though all in all, I have to say this is a weaker RPG for Bethesda. It's a greater shooter, no doubt, but it's no RPG, and for some people, that's all Fallout was. I understand that frustration.

But in all of the bad, remember this: this game almost went the route of No Man's Sky. Hype infatuated so high, hopes set to an unreachble bar, that when the product finally dropped, the flaws that were there clashed so intensly with our impossible ideal. Now, UNLIKE No Man's Sky, this game actually did meet many of it's promises, thankfully. But make no mistake, this is not the game you see in the Announcement Trailer.

At least, not without Far Harbor.. heey, thats pretty good. At the begin it looks a little glitchy, but it is a game that is just released so this is normal in some way, It gets funny sometimes once u get past the first part,
But you gotta get to know Ivan!
Our jesus walks on water, russian jesus walks trough fire

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