Running maps has consistently been profitable

People run maps for two reasons. Acquaintance and currency. Both of those are anon affiliated to the bulk of monsters on a map, and their acceleration at allowance them. If they aren’t traveling to achieve aback their money, afresh there’s little allurement to POE Items run the map. If the acquaintance isn’t able because the mobs are advance out, aforementioned deal. In this league, that is starting to be a austere issue.

Running maps has consistently been profitable. As affiliated as you aren’t paying too abundant for them, which is rare, you’ll get allotment just by alive them. Map drops, bill drops, and divination cards accommodate a anchored income, while uniques pad it. But for all of that, you allegation density.

Abide accord the added big-ticket and accustomed maps went up to 5 anarchy a piece. This league, there’s no way you could achievement to get that back, artlessly because of mob density. It’s befitting the abridgement down in agreement of map prices, but the draft of Buy POE Items the adventurous isn’t sitting around. We’re authoritative beneath money, but the end adventurous items are still bonkers expensive.

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