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RollerForce is a thrilling VR Roller coaster shooter mix. Battle your way through 10 tracks in two world locations, SHOOT 5d3b920ae0

Title: RollerForce
Genre: Action, Casual, Indie, Racing
Headtrip Games llc
Headtrip Games llc
Release Date: 14 Sep, 2016


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Without proper shooting, this game is not worth your money. I'm not going to ask for a refund because I have hopes the dev will fix the issue. The roller coaster is funny, but without shooting it simply makes no sense. That's too bad, because it would be a reaaallly cool game with a proper shooting. I am really hoping an update will be released with the fix.. The game is worth 5 dollars just to ride around the tracks which look sharp. However its more of an experience than a game right now. I say this because the aiming needs to be fixed. You can just flail the controllers around and blindly squeeze the triggers and hit as much as if you were aiming. Feels pointless. Hard to tell what are targets, would be nice if there were points or something to designate hitting a target. So fun experience riding the tracks, smooth and well worth 5 bucks. The shooting reallly needs a lot of work.. Fun, polished and challenging (at least the 4 most difficult levels). Well worth the asking price. The guns feels a bit weird, they are not shooting but aiming rockets, witch adds to the challange. I was bummed out at first there doesn't seem to be any scoring system to compete for highscores, but the later levels is difficult enough that it still will last me a while. No motion sickness after about 40 min of play. I don't have an iron stomach, but seldom get motion sickness anymore.. Game is unplayable due to horrible aiming.. . Wow this game is pretty fantastic. Def one of the better VR games I've tried. Your player moves pretty fast along a rail as you shoot enemies out of the sky, like a roller coaster. Intense! Really like the music. The bullets lag behind the player a bit so sometimes it's hard to tell you are firing and where you are aiming, but the hit detections is pretty generous. Graphics and effects look really nice. Decent amount of content, 2 worlds with 5 tracks each. Lots of fun, very much worth the low price.. WARNING! if you get motion sick easily, skip this one for everybody else, this is a very fun shooter on rollercoaster rails i personally cant play it.. So I just got this on a whim because I got a new Lenovo Explorer and man, it's fun. VERY highly recommend! This will be the first game I show anyone who is new to VR. It's sooo accessible and has a huge "Wow" factor.. Quite a cool game. visuals and sound are polished and action is intense. Obviously it could make you mation sick but the sensetive players will know it anyway.

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