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Original Title: Red Tape

Genge: Action,Crime,Drama,Mystery,Thriller


































Crockett and Tubbs along with a couple of other cops were about to make a bust but instead are ambushed and one of the cops is killed. It seems that this was not the first time this happened. It's evident that someone on the inside is giving dealers info on busts. Tubbs then loses it. Later he is approached by a cop who wants him to work with him. The partner of the cop who was killed is determined to find out what happened. And when he sees Tubbs with the cop, he follows him.
Viggo Mortenson and Lou Diamond Phillips are detectives about to get their gold shields, Eddie Trumbull and Bobby Diaz. Following SOP, they call Rico and Sonny for help executing a search warrant, unaware the residence door was rigged with explosives until Trumbull dies. He is the third cop to die executing warrants in Broward County. Rico seems to go 100% ballistic, swearing there is a leak with the warrants. Apoplectic that the Miami brass is allowing vice men to be picked off like sitting ducks, Rico loudly quits the force. He hooks up with Special Investigations Division Detective McIntyre. MV veterans know there is about to be a big sting but someone really should have told Bobby. Annette Bening has a small role as Vicky.
This is in my top 10 Miami Vice episodes. Don't read anything about it before you watch it as it has some major surprises in it.

I'm surprised nobody has turned this into a big budget thriller - the plot is so clever and exciting.

If I was going to show an episode of MV to a newbie, this might be the one I pick - it has the Miami flavour throughout, and a tough exciting storyline.

Look out for a young Viggo Mortensen (pre-Lord of the Rings) at the opening scene.

Tubbs-centric episode - one of the best. Lots of red sky and sunny shots of Miami. This episode opens with Crockett and Tubbs joining a couple of young up and coming detectives on what should be a routine arrest; however when they try to enter the apartment there is an explosion and one of the young cops doesn't make it. It turns out this isn't the first time recently that cops have been ambushed while serving warrants... clearly there is a leak in the system. Having survived one ambush Tubbs has no intention of being in another so refuses to work until the leak is plugged; this leads to him being suspended and he promptly quits with the intention of returning to New York. He then has a bit of a melt down when he can't immediately get the pay he is owed and ends up being arrested! Out of a job and without money he finds himself being approached by the leak, an officer called Glen McIntyre, with an offer that could make him a lot of money very quickly; all he has to do is steal some files. Surprisingly Tubbs takes up the offer and steals the files... he is spotted by the cop whose partner died at the start though so he is unlikely to get away with it. It is around now that the big twist is revealed... all of Tubbs actions since the officer was killed have been part of an operation to lure out the leak!

For the first half of this episode I thought Philip Michael Thomas was really over-acting as Tubbs which surprised me as he is usually reliable; but then after the twist is revealed it becomes clear that he was acting Tubbs acting! I knew Tubbs wasn't about to turn bad but I didn't realise he'd been part of an operation from the start. Like many episodes this features up and coming actors; in this case Lou Diamond Philips, Annette Bening and Viggo Mortensen... although you could be forgiven for missing the last of those as he was killed before the opening credits! The story was entertaining in a way that kept this viewer wondering what Tubbs was really up to and there were some good tense action scenes; overall another solid episode in a season with mostly solid episodes.

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