Recording Artist and Producer leunammƎ Releases New Single "In Your Corner" featuring Avantika Off of His Mixtape Collection, Alchemission

   Born and raised in Detroit,MI and currently living in Atlanta, GA, leunammƎ is a recording artist who has some pretty note worthy mentions of accomplishment under his belt. Doubling as a producer this talented entertainer has production credits Mike Posner, Sony Music, Fox Television Network, Verizon & more. Not bad for an emcee, huh?

   Never straying from his love of writing and recording, leunammƎ has been blessing his listeners with dope music consecutively for quite some time now. Recently he has begun to release a new single every 3 weeks from his mixtape collection, Alchemission. His most recent release entitled "In Your Corner" is quickly becoming a considered masterpiece in the hip hop community.

   Honestly, I am not even sure where to start. This song holds so many qualities that make genuine classics exactly that. For one, the beat, which was produced by  leunammƎ and Detroit Red, has such a strong vibe to it. Whether you want to put up your feet and relax after a long days work, hit the open road and cruise, or just add a feel good vibe to a block party..."In Your Corner" can fit the bill. Lyrical, leunammƎ, is one whose respect will be quickly earned in hip hop. His style, wordplay and delivery is like a talent pie baked to perfection. Stuffed full of 80's hip hop excitement, 90's hip hop sense of confidence,  endless vocabulary, with the skill to ride the rhythm through a poetic expression while switching styles from a simple format to a twist/chop flow, and sprinkled with some new age character. This chef is cooking up a master plan.

    And it doesn't end there. He brings in the vocal assistance of Avantika. This songstress immediately blows you away with such a beautiful and powerful voice. She rocks her hook into a short insert. And the production here should win an award as they blend her piece perfectly into a saxophone bridge. Paying homage to the strong jazz roots of hip hop, the idea deserves mention. As well as brought an all ready animated song even more into life. Avantika comes back in and soothes the audience right before  leunammƎ comes back and douses the track with another fire verse. From there Avantika and the jazz feel end us out. 

    Already gaining a quick following on soundcloud, "In Your Arms" is proof  leunammƎ is bringing something fresh and original with his sound and music. You can check him out, more music and stay up to date via most social media and music servicing sites. And every 3 weeks there will be a new release from his "Alchemission"mixtape collection

    Check out the new single for "In Your Corner" today and find what entertainment has been missing for some time now...pure, undeniable talent.

Find  leunammƎ and His Music at


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