Rapper Banknote Mitch Drops New EP "Brenda's Baby" Dropping October 20th 2016

Banknote Mitch or as he refers to himself the illegitimate child of Tupac Shakur, is ending the year in a blaze of fire. Mitch himself says he can relate in a lot of ways to Tupac's song "Brenda's got a Baby" original released in 1991. Hearing the song again in 2016 and seeing all the pain around him, he says it struck a nerve so he released his pain on the same microphone Shakur once released his on.

It was more then a journey, Mitch says to the camera thoughts racing, writing at an incredible speed. This is me speaking for all of Brenda's babies, and for those who understand what I'm saying, there are a lot of us. I am only the voice of a lost generation, left to be raised by single Mothers and Grandparents. Tupac said it himself, he may not be the one who changes the world, but he guaranteed us that he would spark the brain that would.

That brain is located inside Banknote Mitch's head, if you ask anybody who's heard even a snippet of Mitch's music. This is not another rapper from Charlotte, NC, who will never see the light of day. This artist has a purpose, a goal, and a drive that has been pushing him since his first breath. Not only will he take you along as he travels a world unknown, but he will make you feel every intense emotion that he puts into every word. Its clear Banknote Mitch is here to stay, download his new Ep "Brenda's Baby" October 20th (datpiff Exclusive)

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