Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue: The Queen's Wrath Full Movie Download 1080p Hd

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue: The Queen's Wrath Full Movie Download 1080p Hd ->>> DOWNLOAD

Original Title: Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue: The Queen's Wrath

Genge: Action,Family



































Queen Bansheera is out to destroy the Power Rangers, but when her henchmen, Diabolico, joins forces with the good guys, she really goes berserk and sets out to blast the whole city away. She turns her generals into giant monsters and vows to release all of the demons of the world at the next eclipse. Soon all will be dark. Evil will win. Can the Power Rangers find a way out of the damaged Aquabase and, finally, triumph?
One of the best of the Power Rangers generations, Power Rangers Lightspeed ends with a cracker. After 36 episodes, it has finally happened. Queen Bansheera's bodily form finally returns to her, and what a form it is! Long claws for fingers, a demonic face of nightmares and a voice to make the hearts of mere mortals tremble and quake. Unfortunately for poor Vipra, the Queen steals and absorbs her life energy - the final boost that returns her to full strength and power. Loki, with the Queen returned, requests to take on the Rangers by himself. "You have always been my favourite, Loki. Therefore, I grant your request" is the Queen's response but the second she fully returned, she had everything planned and her minions are simple pawns to her chessboard (in a matter of speaking). Loki attacks but Diabolico, at the last minutes of Loki's fate, tries to convince him of the Queen's betrayal to him and everyone. But Loki is faithful to the Queen until the very end. The Queen dominates the Rangers and is close to destroying them, if not for Carter - who stands a face-off against the Queen. But a past helpful hint from Diabolico, saves them all. The first part of this video ends with the Queen growing to large size and standing-off against the Lightspeed Megazord briefly before disappearing.

The 2nd part sees Olympius and Diabolico's on-going feud coming to an end. A fight to the death ends with Olympius's capture of his rival, to Queen Bansheera's pleasure. She turns the previous keeper of the star power in to a mindless zombie. Both the demons attack the Rangers but being heroes, they make Diabolico come to his previous senses and he goes off against Diabolico again. The end of the battle has both demons down for the count. But the Queen has other plans, making them grow with even more power than before. Their forms change as well, more monstrous and demonic. The Rangers attack with all they have got but Megazord after Megazord is destroyed by the two super-charged demons. With the sky darkened and Mariner Bay close to ending as ruins, the only hope is the recently tested Lifeforce Megazord which finally ends Diabolco and Olympius's reign of terror. But the terror is not over. Jinxer surprises the Queen by placing a batling card on the Lifeforce Megazord's leg. The last 2 parts see the Aquabase stormed by a tornado of batlings that over-run everything and use the Megazord to assist in their destruction! Whilst Queen Bansheera puts her Palace back in its rightful place, Carter and Ryan race against time to stop the Omega Megazord (controlled by batlings and Jinxer) from placing the stones of the Palace. Queen Bansheera is close to releasing the tomb of demons on the city. But all the Rangers attack in a final desperate battle. Diabolico appears a final time, with his hatred of the Queen not yet ended, he pulls the Queen down in to the tomb as the Rangers seal it before the spell is completed. The demons are no more, as is the Aquabase for the time being. And the amusing thing about the very end is that Joel finally gets his date with the lovely Miss Fairweather - lucky man lol. But after all he and his Ranger friends went through, he deserves it.

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