Personalized wedding favors are remembered by default."

Are bells an important theme in your wedding? Take a silver wedding favor bell and add an edible personalized wedding favor like a chocolate covered strawberry. When they find it again, they often do not remember where it came from and either tuck it back away or pitch it into the garbage can. While a bottle opener may not exactly match someones silverware, its function and look certainly makes it a worthwhile addition to any utensil drawer. The combination expressed who we are and accented our choice very well. 

 Personalized wedding favors are remembered by default." . Many other practical silver wedding favors offer decorative or functional additions to your guests lives and should be considered when you choose your favors. Pick a silver wedding favor that is practical and combine it with a personalized wedding favor that is memorable, or flip them around. Combining the silver wedding favors and personalized wedding favors add a dimension to your wedding that many ceremonies and receptions do not have. Colors and themes filled the pages of magazines and the web to help solidify your special day. Silver wedding favors were a great choice for their elegance and charm, but something was missing. If your ceremony is religious in nature, silver wedding favors bring an elegant look to most religious symbols while a personalized wedding favor offers the opportunity to include a favorite passage or verse to send home with your guests. Using the silver wedding favors and personalized wedding favors together opened a world of options.Pairing Silver Wedding Favors & Personalized Wedding Favors An actual testimony: "My fiancee and I recently LED Light Suppliers planned our wedding and we quickly realized that there were tons of options for everything from halls to cakes to entertainment. When the perfect favor seemed just out of reach, an idea came to us: take the silver wedding favors that we loved and pair them with personalized wedding favors. No one will forget who gave them their personalized gift if your names and wedding date and engraved on the side. 

After taking care of the big things, our focus shifted to the wedding favors. Not only did they compliment our theme and color choices, both adapt well to virtually any other variations or schemes. Perfect favor achieved. Your choice in favors should express who you are as a couple, not distract guests by their extravagance. Many people take their favors home, toy with or admire them for a few minutes and abandon them on the counter or bookshelf (or worse in a drawer). Silver wedding favors can avoid being hid away as they are an attractive addition to most dcor and require little maintenance to retain their appearance. Silver wedding favors blend well with white and a host of personalized wedding favors do also. We browsed the web for hours looking for the perfect favor that expressed our personalities and matched the theme. 

The theme we chose involved artistic hearts and the color light blue. Integrating multiple favors allows for a softer feel that will not pull attention away from the focus of the day  you. Your personalized wedding favor will stand out among others because of its uniqueness and your guests will appreciate the extra time and effort spent to find just the right favor especially for them. Many personalized wedding favors are silver and naturally match the silver wedding favors currently available. Whether you want to give a favor that coincides with your style and theme, or something that you want the person to use and appreciate, the choice is not limited to one favor category. The most important thing is to give gifts that show your personal flair and that your guests will appreciate for years to come.

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