"Path of Exile" 3.5.1b Patch Description: This update brings the Beastmaster Ball and fixes the Betrayal Alliance

The latest 3.5.1b update with the road to exile has arrived. Identify all tasks that have been changed and fixed, including major changes to the Alliance's betrayal.

At the end of the holiday, the team at Grinding Gear Games has deployed the main major update - 3.5.1b to the Road to Exile (POE). Here's a lot about the patch changes.

Betrayal Alliance Repair and Improvement
Syndicate repair:
Members will no longer be generated directly between each other. This prevents most overlapping Syndicate nameplates.
Fixed a bug that if a prediction was triggered while meeting another POE Trade Currency defeated syndicate member, the defeated syndicate member would escape.

Fortification repair:
Substantial rebalancing has reinforced this experience.
It is no longer rare to reinforce the monsters created by encounters.
In a tough encounter, the monster slowed down.

Monster repair
Reduce the total number of monsters that can be generated simultaneously.
Reduce the number of spawning monsters that spawn.
Reduce the regularity of spawning by Necromancer and the Marauder Magician.
Monsters should have a fixed duration until they complete the encounter.

Other betrayal repairs:
Tricky arrow rain skills and default attacks can now turn some damage into the cold. The sly arrow rain skill now reduces attack speed by 25% and is not used for remote or "out-of-screen" targets.
Betrayal security houses now distribute items according to POE Currency the distribution of party leaders, rather than always distributing them for free.
Fixed negligence in the process of using the Scarab beetle when using Scarab and Sacrificial Fragments in a map device.

I don't know how you think about the change in the road to exile. Are you excited or disappointed? You can write your opinion in the comments section.

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