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About This Game

Join two kindred spirits, Fargus the Jester and Nikki the acrobat in a fantastic 3D world of magic and mystery as they bounce, tumble and jump through 18 massive and diverse levels in search of the Wishing Engine!

Key Features:

  • Fast-paced 3D platform action in a lush, texture-mapped environment.
  • Over 18 levels, hilarious power-ups, tons of secrets, huge bosses and shape-change from a bull-dozing rhino to a fire-blasting dragon.
  • A totally immersive experience complete with beautiful soundtrack and cinematics.

Title: Pandemonium
Crystal Dynamics
Square Enix
Release Date: 31 Oct, 1996


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I got this game during the PlayStation era. It was an awesome platformer back then, especially because of the theme. It's not your everyday cute platformer, but a dark-themed game filled with dementia/madness/lunacy that really stands up to its name: pandemonium. Easy-old-simple controls, clear objectives, beautiful levels and a fitting soundtrack. Plus nostalgia points for those who played it back then.. an amazing game of the past back on the playstation one reminds me of my childhood days used to play this game alot back then and would still recommend it even nowadays. Still as annoying as it was when 6yearold me played it, but also as addictive!. Oh boy! This is the game of my childhood, the very first 3D game I have played before I got my very first PC (well, one friend was very "generous")! I played "Pandemonium" when I was... 8 years old. Or maybe 7? Anyways, I always had problems with keyboard. Luckily, we can fix that. Pressing Esc button takes us to the simple option window.
I always chose to play Nikki the Acrobat. Fargus is pretty funny, but Nikki was on the spot!
The gameplay looks simple, as it should be in such old games. No inventory, no additional buttons. Just walking, climbing, jumping and using powers we get. Also, watching out for monsters, because we have only two hearts to loose and there is life limit, so we won't get second chance if we have no lives! Moreover, after getting hurt, we can loose our powers!

Speaking in general, "Pandemonium" is a nice 3D platform adventure. I love the views behind our levels. They always make me chilled out. The music is fixed and I finally see Nikki with all the "details" I couldn't when I played on my laptop. "Pandemonium" is strongly recommended especially for people who remember the beginnings of platform games with 3D graphics. Those of younger years should play it, too. See how it all looked like in the past!. This was a great game on the PS1.. Pandemonium is a 2.5D action platformer. Pandemonium is hard as nails. You know this. You bought this game in the mid-90s for your grey slab and you loved it. I know this well because I was you, and I still am.

The only reason you're here is because you saw your childhood (or adolescenthood w/e) was put up in the shopfront and ported to your shiney game tower format. So did I. But do not let its looks deceive you! This version of the game is a straight, low reolution, low-poly, lo-fi, exact replica of the Playstation classic. This is why it is bad. This is why you shouldn't buy it. You already have the disc, and you probably have at least a PS2 you can run it on. Go do that. Or rip your BIOS from your console and emulate the game. But do not buy this. not for £2, not for £1. Not even for the £0.69 I was on sale for last month.

The main problem with this game is control. PCs have 1000000000000000000000000000's of options for controllers. you can use anything from an 8 button fightstick to a 109 key Keyboard, with pads, joysticks, flightsticks, lightguns, keyboards (MIDI this time) etc in between. Although the game received my Motioninjoy xbox360 pad input OK, the button mappings were way off, all over the place! UNACCEPTABLE! This problem is joined onto the next; buttonpresses and keystrokes are not always registered. Being a game with doublejump, only registering a doublejump every third of fourth try is no good. no good at all. Although it brings back cheery memories of being bad at this game when I was 7, I'm only bad at this game now because the game doesn't respond,

Very Fustrating.

There are also no options in game for sound levels. no master, no music, no SFX. nada. If you want pandemonium to be quiet you have to (sacrifice a small goat and pray to your God) alt-tab, and then alter the levels in the windows sound manager. And then (sacrafice another goat...) alt-tab back.

Now let's talk about the glorious retro graphics. Being a bad port the game is available in one of four very small, very strange resolutions. three of which will crash the DirectDraw application the software goes through. The one that works, and it is very shaky, will look bad. I am the kind of guy who complains about a 960p upscale resolution, and some people will cast that comment aside. But imagine upscaling an analog monitor's grainy, pixelly, 700px wide display onto a screen almost 3x the size. please take a moment to think about how this looks. it's like watching a 240p film on youtube. vbad.

This writing has caused me to start losing good grammar so the rest will just be pros and cons.

+fast way to waste excess money
+you can own pandemonium on your PC
+retro nostalgia

-fast way to waste excess money
-you can buy CSGO keys instead of this
-buggy DirectDraw launcher and DX handler
-poor controller compatibility
-no config menus for anything
-bad button response
-nothing is remastered
-shaky alt-tabbing

In summary, go just get your old PSX, PS1 or PS2 and this disc and play it, or use your BIOS and epsxe to emulate your PS1 with some GFX upgrades, like smoothed textures, extended rendering and 1080p resolutions. This here, is a minor cashgrab and is partially forgivable given it's cost, but totally not worth it.

Don't ruin your childhood memories.

Game 7/10
Port 3/10. was waiting for a long time for a Windows port that works well on nowadays PCs, glad this is here

dunno what's everyone complaining about, everything is working fine (welp, the double jump lags often but that may have been on the original as well, it's been too many years to remember properly), everything's solid and fluid here on win10.
> about the menu for controls and other adjustments? just press the escape key and a classic windows bar will show.

about the game? this one here kept on my childhood imagination for a good while, their scenarios are fascinating - especially when you get cloud high. just don't mind the story, it's total bs :v but the gameplay is really fun so, enjoy the journey!

PS: if you feel like cheating, here's the last code i got during my childhood: FGAKCLOE (abt 29 lifes and all levels available)

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