Order Of Battle: Burma Road Activation Code Crack

Order Of Battle: Burma Road Activation Code Crack

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Crisis! On December 7th, 1941 Japan launches multiple surprise attacks, causing devastation to Allied forces from Malaysia to Pearl Harbor.

As the defense of Singapore hangs by a thread, the Japanese set their sights on Burma. Their main objective: sever the primary Allied resupply line to China, the Burma Road. With control of Burma and the Burma Road, Japan would then be poised to strike directly at British India. They must be stopped!

Order of Battle: Burma Road is a new DLC for the Order of Battle series, bringing you in the thick of the action in the Burma campaign. Lead many new units and fight on an unfamiliar terrain to stop and repel the Japanese invasion.

As commander of British and Allied forces in this new Order of Battle historical campaign, it's up to you to muster your forces to defend the Malaysian Peninsula and prepare an army to fight in the dense Burmese jungles. Re-live unique historical battles and events through special scenarios that include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing an aerial umbrella for a British Naval Task Force.
  • Launching a pre-emptive strike into Thailand to challenge the Japanese advance.
  • Escorting battered Indian Army units safely across Burmese rivers.
  • Paving the way for the replacement to the Burma Road: the Ledo Road.
  • Throwing back the massive Japanese invasion of India at Imphal.
  • Suppressing an Indian revolt in Bombay by arresting it's leader: Mahatma Gandhi!
  • And more!


  • Expanded nations and units. Many new units for existing factions, as well as entire new armies for Thailand and British India!
  • Authentic scenarios built from real historical maps. Today's Myanmar was yesterday's Burma, and extra special care has been taken to accurately reflect the names and locations of the region as it was known during World War II.
  • New Campaign, Commanders, and Specializations. Encounter special Commanders including William Slim, leader of Britain's so-called "Forgotten Army". Fight alongside Brigadier Orde Wingate, mastermind behind the infamous Chindit operations, as you fight deep behind enemy Japanese lines to disrupt their command structure and supply lines. Re-take control of the skies over Burma with pilots such as Ace Elsdon. And earn even more special commanders through various campaign bonus objectives and missions!

Scenario List

  • Operation Krohcol
  • Sinking of Task Force Z
  • Fall of Singapore
  • Kawkareik Pass
  • Sittang River
  • Rangoon Falls
  • Quit India Denied
  • Operation Cannibal
  • Operation Longcloth
  • Ledo Road
  • Imphal '44
  • Irrawaddy River
  • Race for Rangoon

Title: Order of Battle: Burma Road
Genre: Free to Play, Simulation, Strategy
The Artistocrats
Slitherine Ltd.
Release Date: 17 Aug, 2017


I found "Burma Road" to be a very interesting campaign - an do strongly recommend it to friends of this series!

To me it appears well balanced and somewhat more forgiving than campaigns like "Winter War" or "Panzerkrieg". You'll get your chance to build up a strong air element and you will be able to fight for air superiority in every scenario from "Z Force", the second one, on.
There are also enough ressources provided to assemble formations up to the CP limit while maintaining the experience levels.
And you'll be deployed in operations, that won't confront you with the most intense combat - so some recovery is possible during the campaign.

I liked the storyline of the campaign very much.
You'll start out with a small British force while Imperial Japan launches an overwhelming offensive in the region.
For years you'll fight in operational delaying actions against the Japanese, evacuating Commonwealth troops as effective as the situation allows, while losing Singapore, losing Rangoon, falling back towards the Indian border.
You'll be instrumental as the "Quit India" movement is supressed, which may be marking a moral low in a way, but serves to firm your force for early offensive attempts in 1943.
You'll experience some long range reconnaissance\/infiltration operation with Orde Wingate and the Chindits in Central Burma, before you can establish a sufficient logistical base to launch a full conventional offensive to cross the Irrawaddy River and reconquer Rangoon.

I'd like to discuss two scenarios I had to restart once...also read in the forums that other players saw them controversely, too.

One ist the last one, where Rangoon is retaken.
Like other players I found that it affected the immersion. You're confronted with a superior mechanized force, including several prototype armored regiments. This force is defending RANGOON in the spring of 1945...and, used offensively, would suffice to force your corps out of Burma. That appears strange at this time in this setting.
Nevertheless this can safely be won. The key is to isolate RANGOON city from the surrounding region, use aerial reconnaissance to detect the mechanized troop concentrations that will be used for counterthrusts - and to to destroy all of them them piecemeal. Finally a pincer move via the eastern and western road bridges is possible to assault the city center. Then the Japanese supply situation and combat efficiency will be so dire, that you won't encounter much resistance.

Another scenario, "Operation Longcloth", appears more problematic.
In fact I won it by engaging a Japanese pursuing force in a rearguard action with half of the Chindit formations. The Japanese crossed a riverline, where it was possible to destroy them in a mainly static defense with infantry and AT support. That secured the own supply base which would've been overrun else - and would've put own forces out off supply, immobilized them, rendered them unready for combat, etc.

But I strongly felt that this must've been a strange approach to that kind of operation.
Would've expected that I was to evade the pursuing force, force march, do hit-and-run style actions, and so on.

Anyway, the Chindit scenario is a good and a very interesting idea! - That concept should be developed further for this series. I'd like it, if commando actions, long range penetration and raids were depicted in coming DLCs.
I do also think that the necessary mechanics are already available to solve this better than in "Longcloth".

Maybe extended unit supply stashes could be the key.
Perhaps they could be refilled when airdrop zones are reached.
That way supply stashes could provide units with a limited time window to perform combat actions and reach another LZ to resupply (all while being cut off from a regular source, simulating a situation in which airdrops are the only means).
That would force the player to carefully plan a time schedule, achieve his goals swiftly, limit combat to the necessary, move fast, evade pursuing forces.
I'd personally like something like that very much.

Overall "Burma Road" is a great design and a rewarding experience.. I liked it except the last mission which feels like a trolling attempt by the devs.
The AI has easily more planes then the player has units in total. Historical accuracy my\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665

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