Old-school shooter Dusk blasts into Early Access

Dusk isn't shy about its inspirations, taking portions of Doom, Quake, Half-Life, Hexen, and Redneck Rampage and mashing them together in to a bloody pulp. But as Norm discovered when he played an early on version not too long ago, it's more than merely a retro throwback, with RS Mobile Gold dense, elaborate level design and modern environmental storytelling. Now you are able to try it out yourself, since it is just launched on Steam Early Access.
The Early Access version throws you in the first two episodes of your three-episode campaign about killing cultists, as well as being a beta version with the game's arena-style multiplayer (expect a couple of bugs). The two episodes are "practically finished", as well as OSRS Mobile Gold the third is nearly there—when it's ready the sport will release properly.
The shooting is basically what you'd expect from the retro, '90s-inspired FPS, with quick strafing, bunny-hopping, and powerful guns. But it throws in their own ideas: it is possible to do front flips away from jump pads, and in the event you mash R you'll start up a stylish reload animation, although you don't absolutely need to reload.

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