New Music: Metaphorical featuring Ki-Raw - Brooklynite

New music from Brooklynite featuring Ki-Raw called "Metaphorical" made it's chart debut this week. The artists put their pens to the paper to demonstrate their writing skills. They are eager to share the songs' story.

Metaphorical Duet (Original version) is the initial song from the Dubbed Solo version. This track magnetically paired Brooklynite and Ki-Raw by coincidence to what began as "just an initial hype". Brooklynite was not happy with the results due to personal financial reasons. During Ki-Raw and Bknite's struggle, Ki-Raw persuaded him to leave the results "as is". Bknite threw spice all over the track along with a Philly Rock and history began from there. Fans hype yourselves up for one of the main female classic trend-setters of her time, Ki-Raws' debut. This song was only a small sample of Ki-Raw and Brooklynites' hidden styles kept as is but too classical. Fans this is Ki-Raw cypher perspective flow onto the initial track composed by MoSoundProductions. We can show love for the next female MC away from the "typical rap claimers" owned by Bknite. This song is, also, a current doubt to some non-listening and non-believing fans. Yet, the flavor was a format of a take it or leave it "feel good music flip". The dubbed solo version was an introduction for the original. Fans experience your current Emcee of today-KI-RAW-aside from your favorite rappers. Raw represents natural, purified, off the top, cypher flow. The room was always there for Ki-Raw (Ai) to tell it full blast for a classic vibe! Can we handle the her cypher? If so, then stay tuned ~ Brooklynite

Metaphorical featuring Ki-Raw made it's debut on the BMS Radio Chicago Pop Chart this week.

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