New Album from Illinois Boys "Greezy Gang" is Setting a Bar that Will be hard to Reach in Today's Hip-Hop Scene

     Drill Music.....It's like the trouble making, cousin of Hip-Hop who likes to act out. He lives down the street from gangster rap, but gangster rap doesn't really respect him...only acknowledges they are both from the same neighborhood. is also the sound associated with Chicago and imitated by the youth of Hip-Hop. So when this album came across our desk, we were hesitant to play it. Actual a misunderstanding of communication is why it ended up being played in the first place. And it was one of the best mistakes of the week around our offices.

    Since then, Greezy Gang (C Mo & Lil Matt) has been on repeat. Two brothers from Midwestern Illinois are bringing back context and skill with the release of their "G.O.A.T." album. From our understanding this is their second album. When it plays out we will be getting our hands on the first.

    Not a song worth skipping, this album is rotatable from A-Z. All 13 songs are well written and even better performed. Not one sounds like the last. Where most rappers today like to focus their music on violence, drug abuse and partying...Greezy Gang chooses to rap about real human emotion, the struggle of life in general and trying to better themselves for them and their loved ones. All while giving Hip-Hop something to once again be proud of. 

These guys are worth the listen. Greezy Gang "G.O.A.T." is WuTang Endorsed!!

Listen to the Greezy Gang "G.O.A.T." album

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