Monster Bash Activation Code And Serial Key

Monster Bash Activation Code And Serial Key

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Monster Bash is full of scary action and haunting puzzles. No previous Apogee game has featured so much animation. Johnny can climb, crawl, shoot his multi-directional slingshot, fly a broom, and much, much more. His super-charged slingshot can shoot rocks, rockets, fireballs, and other surprises. There also more enemy creatures and monsters than ever seen in an Apogee game.


Monster Memory: Over 8 megs of compressed animated and scrolling EGA graphics.

Battle Beasts: Over two dozen uniquely-animated monsters to battle with joystick suppprt.

Bash 'em 'n' Smash 'em: Boss monsters that seem invincible - find their hidden weaknesses!

Savage Sounds: Digitized sound and voice effects and awesome animated sequences.

Creature Comforts: Three skill levels; save and restore up to 10 games; built-in hints

Controller Support: Partial Xbox 360 Controller support. 7ad7b8b382

Title: Monster Bash
Genre: Action
3D Realms (Apogee Software)
Apogee Software
Release Date: 9 Apr, 1993


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rescue those cats!
child endangerment!
pajamas in the rain!
all this and more, in
Monster Bash!
(not to be confused with the fun song. these monsters want to kill and probably eat you.). Game about hooligan who's fighting zombies and making pet shelters go bankrupt.. I'm convulsing with nostalgia. This game is hard as ♥♥♥♥ just like most old games.. I forgot how hard these older games were. Good game though.. Childhood memories all over the place!

Monsterbash still has a special atmosphere that is quite difficult to describe. It´s grim, it´s kind of gory, it´s dark and yet still funny. Of course, the graphics ain´t to pretty for nowadays standards, but back then: oh boy, they were awesome! And as of now, they have that certain charme.

Controls are pretty easy, gameplay is simplistic but still challenging. To move forward to the next level, you have to rescue all the pets and find the (sometimes hidden) exit. During the levels, many different enemys stand in your way, such as zombies, skulls, witches, demons and so on. Another thing that might be interesting, is the fact that there are plenty of secrets to discover.

For my part, it´s very enjoyable and wll done. The only thing i find weird is that the full games needs ca. 800 Mb HDD-space, which is quite massive..
A Horror-Comedy MS-DOS Childhood Classic of mine that I grew up with. Help Johnny Dash battle against Count Chuck's Demonic Monsters & the Undead as he rescues Cats, Dogs, his pet dog; Tex and Animals from Count Chuck's Evil plans by using your mighty Slingshot.

As for the story, it's simple enough. Johnny Dash is 10-years old whos puppy Tex has gone missing for a few days. Just as when night falls, a Thunderstorm rolls in as Johnny is pulled under is bed by a hairy arm with green eyes who's on his side then warns him that his puppy hasn't just gone missing but was kidnapped by the evil Count Chuck; ruler of the Underworld. Count Chuck is kidnapping helpless household pets and is turning them into monsters. Johnny is enraged by this turn of events. So the green eyed enity arms him to the teeth with a slingshot and a special rock that somehow has infinite ammo then vanishes. Johnny bursts out of his room and into the Underworld, armed and enraged with vengence to stop Count Chuck form taking over our world with his army of monsters, rescue his beloved Tex and all the animals that Count Chuck has captured.

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