Me and my theory's

Well my theory at this moment in time space is that im here on this planet for a reason, a reason that i chose as a soul of the newborns to stay within the earths Conscious to complete a goal set by the very first, to exspirence the physical and find a real meaning to the life of a human. We all know about the verious consiricy theorys that have circlated the planet since alexsandra the great arrived and i understand that many are missleading, it has become very confusing. My own reserch has led me to believe that there ARE beings here ( Human or not ) that are here only for there own greed and needs and with us at our highest it would be impossible for them to even exsist in this universe, so by creating zombie machines such as, televisions, laptops, computers etc: and thay have a vast battery of slaves hahaha damm crazy i know, So this is my reason, this is my goal, through music and other projects i aim to support those lost from the cause, those who have forgot, to cross over to our higher state with no more confusion or pain, for i am a soul of the newborns, a group of souls created for this perpose, AND WE WILL COMPLETE OUR QUEST, peace.

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