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MagiCat takes players on a quest to retrieve a stolen artifact and explore the astounding magical worlds of the MagiCat universe. Using the powers of dashing, high jump, a 5d3b920ae0

Title: MagiCat
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Kucing Rembes
Toge Productions, Another Indie
Release Date: 22 Aug, 2017

English,Japanese,Russian,Simplified Chinese

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Edit: It has come to my attention that MagiCat's developer was previously part of the team ElagoTech which developed Miracle Fly. This not only explains why the games are so similar art-asset and mechanic-wise, but also means that MagiCat's developer is well within his rights to use these assets as he likes. I apologise for any confusion I may have caused. With that cleared up, I can now happily recommend MagiCat as it is a cute and enjoyable 2D platformer with tight controls and smooth gameplay. I'd be hardpressed not to compare it to Miracle Fly even now, the two are very similar in many ways after all. MagiCat has the charm and puzzle elements from Miracle Fly but replaces the mouse controlled flying element with a control scheme more akin to Super Mario Bros 3. The game has some sort of story, delivered through cutscenes with meow-ish dialogue; a script sometimes difficult to follow, but with clear and concise acting to make up for it. Sound design and music could use some work at times, but the charming asthetic and slick gameplay more than makes up for it. If you like cats and you like platformers, you will probably like this game! For clarity's sake you can find my previous statements below. Just know that after having been informed that the developer behind MagiCat previously worked on Miracle Fly, my thoughts are no longer the same. ------------------ I don't like making assumptions, and so I won't. But I would very much like a response from the developer or publisher for MagiCat because there is something that has been bugging me about this game since the moment I laid eyes on it. As much as I do genuinely enjoy MagiCat and I do believe it is a well designed and fun game, some of the artistic choices, and the Overworld map design in particular has me baffled. You see, when I picked this game up, I instantly thought of another game released 2 years ago called Miracle fly. The overworld map looked identical to me when I first saw screenshots of it in the store, and when I opened the game up even more so. You can see a comparison here: For a video comparison of the two games click here: As the game seems to be heavily inspired by Miracle fly, to the point where I thought they shared assets, I believed this game to be from the same developer team or publisher. But it is not. I do not know much about videogame development laws and I won't pretend I do, nor do I believe this is enough to claim plagiarism, but in some areas I feel it does border on it and it leaves a sour taste in my mouth. The similarities do not end with the overworld map, they merely start there. The game's enemies and bosses are very similar as well, as are the 3 red gems you are tasked to find in each level, the coloured buttons and corrisponding walls you are to manipulate to traverse the areas among other things. As previously stated, I do believe MagiCat is a fun game, and I can see some real effort was put into the game's coding as your character moves smoothly and platforming is satisfying. However, the art direction (although more retro inspired with pixelated graphics) does come far too close to Miracle fly without being made by the same team to worry me. If I could get a response from MagiCat's dev or publishers clarifying the similarities (perhaps they're simply free assets in a program like unity), then that would do much to lighten my mood. As it stands though, I am not sure if I can recommend MagiCat due to my previously stated shakiness when it comes to its drastically similar assets to those used in the previously released game Miracle fly. Despite how much I enjoyed playing the game in the short while that I did before deciding to compare its art assets to those of Miracle fly, which thereby prompted me to write this review, I have decided to request a refund for MagiCat unless I get a response clarifying the similarities and assuring me that no plagiarism has taken place. Sincerely, Sinful Sorcerer.. its pretty ok, wouldnt recomend though. It has some challenging aspects to it but everytime you die you have the option of reviving with little cost, this makes defeating bosses insanley easy and the overall game is every forgiving. its challenges are rather teedeus and most of them you can just skip right through. There is an impressive amount of levels, though you do not have to play trhough all of them. but with that all said it really does have its charms. its cute, light and some what fun but it plays a bit slow and is filled with teedus tasks.. Factory Levels are designed by Satan himself.. If you're looking for an amazing side-scroll platformer packed full of kitty-cuteness this is the game for you! Fairly crisp gameplay, there have been a few collisions or lack thereof I disagree with, but they were few and far between, especially in comparison to other titles in similar genres.. If you like a 2D side-scroll platformer, then you should buy this game. For Indonesian player, here is a review from JagatPlay . Note: This game is so hard, trust me.. Great, very challenging platformer with tons of contents! If you only want to finish the game, itu2019s actually not that difficult. But if you want to collect all gems and magic potions, and unlock No Dash achievement for every gem, prepare yourself to meet nightmare-inducing puzzles that will eat away at your heart. The game introduces a unique gameplay mechanic in every level, and it contains SIXTY THREE levels. Thatu2019s a huge variety! Many of them will really surprise you and make you go, u201cOooohh.u201d when you figure it out. The developer is also very dedicated and always respond quickly to issues (such as bugs and balancing). If you like a platformer that requires both reflex and wit, get this game.. Really having fun with this game.. Really having fun with this game.

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