Another change may be the kick meter. While not too not easy to master, this certainly makes kicking a tad tough to execute. However, with anything else, you'll eventually get utilized to it.
Madden NFL 17
However, if you're looking forward to MUT 19 Coins major improvements, that you are in to get a letdown. The game looks, plays, and feels largely exactly the same. There are indeed some minor tweaks; but passing game, visuals, play calling remain just like Madden NFL 16 most importantly. This is just not to say the minor changes can certainly be neglected.
The defense, arguably, has seen one of the most improvements. Not only the person defense is really a tad tighter, the zone defense has improved too.
You will immediately notice players covering their zones in a improved fashion and catching the ball just isn't as easy mainly because it used to become in Madden Mobile Coins. The AI is often a whole lot smarter now and anyone going using a zone-based defense will see plenty of options that they can.

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